Curly Crafty Mom: That is NOT a potty chair!

Monday, May 4, 2009

That is NOT a potty chair!

I have an old jewelry box that my Mom got me when I was in Junior High and I have kept all of my 80's and early 90's jewelry in it that I don't wear anymore. (Think snap bracelets, troll earrings, etc.) Nathan LOVES looking through my 'junk' as he calls it.

Today he flipped the lid on my jewelry box, sat on it, and said when he turns 3, no more diapers and that he will go pee-pee on the potty. (We have been telling him we are taking his diapers away at 3.) Ummm, let me think about this one- yeah, that's right, no pee'ing in the jewelry box!

While Nathan was playing with my jewelry box, Autumn was laying on the floor next to us and she was moving the door back and forth with her hand and just laughing so hard when it'd move for her. Silly girl.

It's truly amazing how excited kids get over... normal things... It really makes you see life in a different way. Very exciting. (Well, minus the fact that Nathan thinks my jewelry box is some sort of fancy schnancy toilet.)
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