Curly Crafty Mom: 7 months old and still, yes STILL wanting to be swaddled!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 months old and still, yes STILL wanting to be swaddled!

Autumn is 7 months old as of Father's Day and I have been trying off and on since she's been 4 months to get her used to sleeping without being swaddled. She isn't swaddled for her naps, but she demands it for bedtime! I have gotten her to sleep well with one arm out of the swaddle, and I doubt we'll go back to having both arms in... AND last week I got her to sleep two nights in a row with both arms out, but then... she started crying and resisting bedtime to where it was 9:30pm and she'd still be up and fussing if I laid her down. So, we are back to one arm out, one in... and, she is outgrowing the bassinet by her length and ability to sway it back and forth, so I am moving her in the crib SOON. I really wanted to get her out of the swaddle before we moved her to the crib, but OH WELL, I need my sleep. We have a video monitor so I can keep an eye on her. It will be so sad to move her out of our room though :( But, I am sure there will still be nights where I will bring her to bed with me due to her being restless/growth spurts, etc.

Here is a VERY rare picture of her sleeping with both arms out of the swaddle.

She is soooo long. She will be a lot more comfortable in the crib!

Why me? Nathan thinks he wants to sleep in the bassinet... heck, I catch Bratchey our cat sleeping in the bassinet. Yes... It will be so nice to give the lovely family herloim back so I don't have to pull Nathan and Bratchey out of it every other minute. Heh heh!!
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