Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 6 Month Well Visit

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Autumn's 6 Month Well Visit

Autumn had her 6 month well visit yesterday and yes, I know she is tall, but, wow... she is a skinny minny!

She is 27.25" Long (88%)
and her Weight is 13 lbs 13 oz. (7%).

The doctor said not to be concerned about her weight and she is getting plenty to eat. She isn't skin and bones, so I am not really worried, but I wasn't expecting it to be 7%! She is really petite (small boned) and such a long girl that I am sure her weight will catch up once her length slows down some. I guess I can still call her my little string bean!

Then, the doctor said she has eczema, as she still has a lot of dry patches on her skin that turn red when inflammed. We are still rubbing her from heat to toe in Aquaphor and applying the Cortizone cream to the troubled spots. Jeremi said that not only is she our little string bean, she is our little raisin (because she is so dry), too. Heheh!

The doctor said we can start mooshy fingers foods anytime now since she has gone through all of the 1st food fruits and vegetables without any allergies. He said to get her going on the 2nd foods and she can have some water in a sippy cup. He said at 9 months we can start lumpier finger foods.

Autumn has a little nodule under her skin behind her neck on the right side. It has been there since she has been born and is the size of half a pea. Its still there but the doctor said they are common the first year. I wish it'd go away, though...

Here are some pictures of the 6 month old...

Autumn is sitting up on her own now without any help and when she smiles you can see her bottom two teeth (you can barely see them in this picture).

Autumn loves to suck on her fingers or on anything she can grab.

Autumn in Nathan's old Peak-A-Boo tent.

Autumn's light up/music book.
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