Curly Crafty Mom: Baby Bjorn arrived today!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Bjorn arrived today!

I wanted to buy a baby carrier that is easier on my back and that goes over both shoulders. I loved the New Native but it would really hurt my one shoulder once Autumn got bigger. I did have it tucked in my diaper bag and wore Autumn in it during Nathan's Little Gym class last Monday and she did really well in it. So, I think I may use it from time to time. However, I LOVE my new Baby Bjorn carrier that arrived in the mail today. It distributes her weight much better and I feel like both of my arms are free whereas with the New Native, my arm of the shoulder the sling rested on was never really 100% free. Autumn seemed to like it and I wore her in it while I did some things around the house after I got the kids home from my Mom's house. She did fuss to get out of it after an hour and she wanted to feed and take a nap. So, I am thinking she MIGHT not nap in the Bjorn like she used to do in the New Native when she could still lay in it. But, that's ok... I want the Bjorn mostly for if I take the kids to the park, mall, or just somewhere active. ALSO, I got the Baby Bjorn NEW with free shipping on Amazon for $57!! I think it normally runs for $99 + tax at Target. Plus, I had a bunch of Swagbuck giftcards so I paid zilch for it. I wanted to get the Baby Bjorn Air like Mel has but I didn't want to spend that much since this is my last baby and she is already almost 7 months and I doubt I'll use it once she starts walking.

Anyway, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure :o)-

Autumn in the New Native. I have no idea if this is the correct way to wear her in it at 6 months, but, she seemed to like it.

Here she is in the Baby Bjorn. She drools a lot still and drooled all over the front of it. I wonder if I should order the bib for it...hmm. Maybe I can just put her bib on so it hangs over the front of the Bjorn. I'll figure something out. ONE of these days the girl will stop drooling, right? :o)-

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