Curly Crafty Mom: Cute Crib Pictures and Nathan's First Rollerskates... yikes!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cute Crib Pictures and Nathan's First Rollerskates... yikes!

Autumn is still sleeping in her bassinet, and I am currently working on getting her to sleep without her swaddle blanket. She will sleep with one arm out and on Thursday I will swaddle her with both arms out. I am reallllly hoping to get her in the crib sometime next month.

Here is Miss Auttie in her crib playing... maybe, just maybe, one day... she will sleep in it. She naps in her bouncer chair in the bathroom with the fan on, so she doesn't even take her naps in the crib! I have to turn the fan on or she cannot sleep through Nathan's loud voice/playing... he is SO LOUD! And, he doesn't take naps anymore, so she just does not sleep well unless I turn the fan on to block out his noisy playing.

Autumn loved to untie her shoulder straps on her outfit and chew on them. Silly girl! I am just lovin' her new Kaycee big girl bows!

One of Autumn's favorite activities is chewing on things... She loves this teether toy because it vibrates when she bites down on it.

I am trying to get Autumn to 'try' to crawl by putting toys she really wants out of her reach. She can really 'rock' herself forward to get these toys.

Yeah, I think I better have Jeremi lower the crib once she does start sleeping in it.

While I was at Target today with Autumn, Jeremi had Nathan downstairs in his playroom. Nathan has been exploring our storage area lately and he found my rollerblades. Of course, Jeremi decided to take him to Sports Authority to look for a pair of rollerskates. He actually ended up at ToysRUs since Sports Authority didn't have skates.

Nathan's first pair of skates. Yikes. Can 3 year olds skate?!!!!!!!??!!

His feet look SO big with them on.

Look at that sly face...

I had to crop my hubby out of this picture, he was in his boxers. Heheh. Anyway, Nathan was like a wild man at first with the skates on so we moved him to the carpet so it'd be 'slower'. He was kicking his feet back and forth so fast and Jeremi was just holding him up. Finally, he realized that you have to take your time to get used to them and he was sort of walking with them on the carpet to get himself used to balancing on them. SIGH. Grandma is just going to LOVE this when she comes over tomorrow. Poor Grandma! I need to find his helmet too as I am so afraid he is going to fall and hit his head. Oh, I tell ya... BOYS!

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