Curly Crafty Mom: Family Reunion at the Farm

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Family Reunion at the Farm

Well, it is that time of year again... summer-time! And, when its summer, its time for the family reunions to start! Today we went to a family reunion in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois and it was on my Mom's side of the family.

The reunion was at my Mom's sister's house, my Aunt Shirley, which is out in the boonies. It was funny because we followed my Parents there, and Jeremi said he would know the way back so that we wouldn't have to stay as late (since we have the kiddos) as my parents. Half-way there, Jeremi said, "Hmmm. We may just have to wait till your Parents leave so we can follow them home." It is verrry hard to remember how to get there, heck, I can't even remember and I have been there many, many times... the roads are country roads and not even marked! There are no markers to go by because everything is corn fields!

We got to my Aunt Shirley's house and I was drawn to this... heehee!! Its an automatic, too!!

Nathan was drawn to this... its so funny how his cousins play with cars AND horses!

Nathan had a lot of fun with the boys. They chased each other and played with the wagon.

And they played with Smarties in the dirt. Daddy stepped in though when Nathan wanted to eat the dirt encrusted Smarties. Not so Smart. har-har ;o)

Boy stuff...

Grandpa held Autumn

Can you guess what these are?

All the kids

Poor Autumn! She just wants to be held!

My family
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