Curly Crafty Mom: Finished New Moon

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finished New Moon

I have been getting so much reading in while I am pumping 15 minutes 3 times a day while at work! I have read Twilight and just today I finished New Moon! Tomorrow I will start the 3rd book in the Twilight series which is Eclipse.

Warning: Spoilers! I must say that when I started New Moon, I never, ever thought that Edward would only be in the book in the very beginning and very end... For this reason, I wanted to read this book in warp speed and finish it even faster then Twilight because I couldn't wait for Edward to come back into Bella's life in Forks! I am really hoping that I see a lot more of Edward in Eclipse.

I do feel bad for Jacob and how connected he is to Bella but yet he cannot have her because of her intense love for Edward. I am starting to wonder if Bella will EVER become a vampire, because, if she does, isn't that sort of the end of the story? I am guessing that after I read the next two books, she will still be human. I may be wrong ;) I also wish she would let Jacob go, I know she sees him as a 'best friend' but he sees her as much more, and holding onto him as a friend is just going to make him MISERABLE and depressed. I wish the author would have left Jacob human, but the werewolf plot is interesting.

What a great book... I hope they catch Victoria in the next book. And, I am curious to see if Edward and Jacob will have a lash out soon enough.

I have never been into vampire books but man I just love these Twilight books. The soundtrack is AMAZING, too! I love the first song (sorry, can't think of its name), the song by Linkin Park and Bella's Lullaby! I am not as crazy about Decode.
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