Curly Crafty Mom: I learned a valuable lesson today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I learned a valuable lesson today.

I put a plate of some graham cracker shaped like bugs on the table for Nathan for a snack. My mom put these in the bag for Nathan when I had picked him up after work. I broke them in half because they were a little big.

Nathan frowns at me. "They are broken, fix them please."

I put them back together on the plate so the two broken pieces are side by side.

Nathan says, "I don't want them, they are still broken."

I take the plate away, and decide to get him some veggie sticks. Of course, I am STARVING after work and need a snack myself.

I put a plate of the veggie sticks infront of Nathan.

"I want my bugs. Give me my bugs back, Mom."

Me. "They are broken so I put them away."

Nathan. "I don't want this, I want my bugs."

Me. Oh great. I ate them. Now what. Lesson learned. Never, ever, believe your 3 year old when they tell you they don't want something. Why, do you ask? Because, they will want it a minute later!!


Punishment: Nathan cried for his bugs for an hour. Seriously. Why. Me. I seriously thought about regurgitating... Luckily, he got over it when I cut a cheese stick up for him. Kids!

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