Curly Crafty Mom: Little Gym at the Mall

Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Gym at the Mall

Tonight we moved class into the new Little Gym location at the mall. I must admit, I am not happy that they have moved into the mall. It is just not easy! It took me an additional 15 minutes to get in the mall and out. Why? Because, now I have to load the kids up into the double stroller, park a lot further away, get inside the mall, walk through the crowded food court, go to the middle of the mall to get on the elevator, ride it upstairs, then there is still quite some walking to get to where The Little Gym is... Then, there is a door to the front of it so I had to ask someone to hold it open so I could get the double stroller through it. Blehhhh! I know, I know, it probably isn't that big of a deal, but my evenings are hectic enough that I value every minute.

Ok, positives, it is a nicer building. And, I do walk by a Gymboree and Starbucks on the way there. HOWEVER, that makes me feel another negative- I feel tempted to spend money now! I am a shopaholic so now I'll be in the mall once every week! lol!

Yeah, I will stop complaining... because... Nathan LOVES the Little Gym. He really enjoys the class. This week, however, he did not follow along with the group 100%. There were times where he'd run around and play on things while the group was doing something else. So, I think this week I am going to have a few talks with him to remind him that he needs to listen to directions given by a teacher and to follow along with the group. He is just not used to being in a group and around other kids, so the class is good for him. I think being in a new 'building' made him a tad excited so he wanted to try everything out.

Anyway, of course I took some pictures...

This is the outside of the new building. It looks really inviting from the outside and I love their use of colors.

Nathan loves to take his shoes/socks off before class and he puts them away.

I love this carrier. I wore Autumn during most of the class so I could have my hands free!

Beginning of class

This is my favorite piece of equipment that they have- its a large mat that fills up with air and they walk, hop, roll, etc. across it.

Flipping over the bar

Checking out the girls and seeing what they are doing on the bars
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