Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan helping Little Miss Bits with her bath

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nathan helping Little Miss Bits with her bath

Tonight Jeremi had to work late so I had to feed the kids and myself, get them both in their baths and put them both to bed. Whew! Nathan wanted to help me give Autumn a bath so I decided to grab the camera!

First, Nathan stole my chair. I always sit on this little chair when I give the kids their baths. He told me it was HIS chair. Sure, whatever floats your boat Mr.!

Nathan wanted to help Autumn with her bath so I handed him the wash cloth. He cleaned everything EXCEPT Autumn. lol. Then he started shaking the rag around in the air and I asked him what he was doing while he splashed water EVERYWHERE... he said, "Oh, drying the wash cloth."

Then, Nathan decided to splash Autumn with the bucket I use to rinse Nathan's hair with. I never use this on Autumn yet because I just rinse her hair with the wash cloth. Look at poor Autumn's face when she sees what her big brother is about to do to her!

She's a toughie! She lived through it!

Autumn loves baths and her wash cloth that she teeths on.

Autumn drying off

Nathan 'thinking' he needs to dry off, too. Why is it that he has to do what Autumn does? Little copy cat! ;o)-

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