Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 3 Year Well Visit

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nathan's 3 Year Well Visit

Last Saturday I took Nathan to his 3 year old well visit. I know, it was a month late, but I always try to get the Saturday appointments so I don't miss out on work. This appointment was so different from his previous well visits in many ways. First off, the nurse told him to take his socks and shoes off, and he did. Then, he went with the nurse to the scale by himself while Autumn and I waited for him in the room. When they came back in, the nurse said she told him to touch his belly and he bent over and touched his belly to the scale. lol!! Silly boy.

Then, she had him come back in the room and she had me set him on the table. She then did a hearing test on him on one ear at a time and he heard 'ringing' noises that tested his ear to see how well his hearing is... Nathan was really good and stayed still for the entire test.

After that, we waited for Dr. Atteberry to come in and the entire 10 minutes Nathan stayed on the table but made faces and stuck his tongue out at the mirror hanging next to him. Then, he looked up and said the mobile they had hanging over the table was 'scary'. It had a bunch of different people on it and some were carrying baskets on their heads. I have no idea why it was 'scary'...? I will never know...

Then, Dr. Atteberry came in and Nathan gave him a high five. He checked Nathan out and everything is fine. He told us that Nathan did not need any shots this time but would get two shots next year. No bloodwork either, which was fine by me!!

I came home and put Autumn down for her nap and decided to add Nathan's stats to his baby book. When I opened it I became so sad... you know why? His baby book ends after age 3. I guess it sort of hit me that, wow, he is not a baby anymore... I mean, he hasn't been a baby for quite sometime. But, he really is growing up and has become such an individual in just these short 3 years. Then, I saw Autumn's baby book laying next to his and I felt better because I have many more pages to fill out in her baby book. I have no idea how I will feel when she is 3 since she is my last. Sigh... :,( But, I must admit, every month with both of my kid's is such a joy.

On a lighter note, here are Nathan's stats from his doctor's visit:

Height: 3'1" (29%)
Weight: 32 lbs (55%)

I found this really neat height/weight percentage calculator here. This calculator only goes up to 36 months (3 years).

THEN, this calculator is even more fun, you can find out your child's future height. LAST year when Nathan was 2 years old it said he'd be 5'5"!! Seriously!! THIS year it says he will be 5'8 1/2" which is still sorta short BUT SO MUCH BETTER then 5'5"! I hope I don't offend anyone by this but I just have hopes he is taller then me!!! I am 5'7"! :o)- Jeremi is 5'9". Anyway, it is just fun to see how tall he 'might' be...

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