Curly Crafty Mom: Playdate with Two

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Playdate with Two

A lady that I work with has a son named Jacob, and he is a May 2006 child, too! And, she has a daughter named Bonnie who is only a couple of months older then Autumn. She is thinking of sending Jacob to the preschool that I am going to send Nathan to when he is 3 1/2 or 4 (we are waiting to see how potty training goes). I work in a large building so I did not even know her until I came back to work after maternity leave and started pumping. She stopped pumping around 7 months but I go to lunch with these ladies and we email and instant message at work to update each other on how our kiddos are doing.

Anyway, she mentioned a few days ago that we should get our boys together for a playdate so they know each other when they do start preschool. I thought this was a great idea, until...

She mentioned going to the transport museum (its a museum with lots of cars, trains, etc.- a 3 year old's dreamland) AND bringing BOTH kids.


Ok, maybe I am weak, but... the thought of taking Nathan and Autumn out by myself on a playdate for half a day makes me cringe. Is this normal? I take both the kids out when I go shopping at Target or to run quick errands by myself. But, I am so scared to take both of them out with a coworker of mine that I really don't know all that well to a large museum. I think what makes me the most nervous is how the kids will behave. I mean, here we have Autumn who is 6 months, I still breastfeed her exclusively and I don't nurse in public (just can't) so I will have to bring pumped bottles which she will take for me but she KNOWS I am the milk jug so she isn't happy to get bottles from me. She is also going through this phase where she wants me to hold her A LOT and if I set her down- wahhh wahhh wahhh! Nathan went through this, too, so I know it'll pass.. but, boy, it is exhausting sometimes. I may get lucky and she MAY sleep.

Then, Nathan... he can be great when going out since he is 3 and all, so he is the least of my concerns. I think it'd be great for him to get together with this other boy for some playtime.

I am just so nervous about this because she wants to explore the museum AND get lunch... and, sitting down for lunch can be SO difficult with two kids when it is just ME! And, she will be preoccupied with her kids!

Also, the stroller question? Do I bring a single or double stroller? Does Nathan walk? If he does walk then it'll be harder to keep tabs on him since its outside. Or I could wear Autumn but I need to buy an outer facing carrier (my sling that she loved she has outgrown and her weight kills my shoulder).

Oh my gosh............................................................................................

I am just giving myself way too much anxiety over this... I haven't even emailed her back yet, she wants to do it sometime in July. Its so easy to take both kids out with Jeremi when we go somewhere for a lengthy amount of time. But, alone. Yikes.

What do I do??! If I had just Nathan I woudn't even be nervous but it just seems to be so much more work to go out with two. Any advice?! I know a lot of you that read my blog are Moms of two. I was just happy with myself that I mastered going to Target with both kids... but, now... THIS! Sigh!

And, yes... I can be a total stresshead.
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