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Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

Remember how I mentioned that a lady at my work wanted to do a playdate and I was afraid to take both kids out by myself with her? Well, we set a date and are going to the museum of transport next month. It is going to be a lot of fun and I hope Nathan and her Jacob can become good friends. Her daughter is turning one next month so she is a little older then Autumn, but not by much. I am excited because I did a couple of ongoing playdates with Nathan his first and second year and I never 'clicked' with the Moms if you know what I mean? I really like Camille and I see her everyday at work so we get a lot of opportunities to talk. AND, if our son's goto school together they will see each other daily, so hopefully this works out well as I think it'd be great for Nathan to have a friend in class before he starts school.

Autumn is getting even more mobile... She can sit up really well now and is starting to 'rock' and lean forward while she is sitting up to reach things that are normally out of her reach. I got Nathan's Little People animals out from his barn and put them on the floor around her and she loves to grab them and chew on them. I put some out of her reach and she eventually 'rocks' herself forward enough so she can lean in and reach them. Clevor girl!

I am thinking about buying a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera in the near future. I took several photography classes in college using just a regular manual SLR camera, but I have never owned a DSLR but would love to! I figure it will get A LOT of use since I love to take photos. I am considering a Canon Rebel as that is what we use at my work to take photos in my department. Its not a cheap camera so I am nervous... eek! But, I'll finally be able to buy glass (lens) for it to do special photos and I'll be able to snap, snap, snap without any delays! I am doing some freelance work and so this may be a birthday gift to myself come August!

I also want a Kindle, but... they aren't cheap, either! I swear, these Twilight series books are THICK. I go pump 3x a day at work and I stick it in my pump bag in the back pocket and I have NO IDEA how the last book in the series is going to fit in my bag as its the THICKEST. lol. Seriously, a Kindle would be nice right now, but... I don't think its in the budget. I can dream though, right?

Autumn is sleeping with one arm out of the sling for a week now so next week sometime I am going to try both arms out.

Nathan has a forest of hair. I swear, the boy needs a haircut every month, heck, he needs it more then every month. Is anyone else's 3 year old boy growing hair like crazy?

I really need to start working out once the kids are in bed. I hate having a muffin top :( I really need to break the seal on my 30 Day Shred or dust off the Wii Fit... SOON. I used to be so good about working out pre-kids. I have been thinking recently that it'd be fun to get into bicycling... we have a lot of nice trails around here. I can just picture me and Jeremi biking with a little caboose (or whatever its called) for the kids to sit in off of Jeremi's bike. lol. Oh shoot. We don't even have bikes... Geesh, why does everything I want to do involve money? ;o)-

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