Curly Crafty Mom: Reading Program at St. Louis County Library

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reading Program at St. Louis County Library

Today I took the kids to the library by our house to enroll them in the Summer Reading Program. I know I am a little late, but the enrollment day was a day that I had to attend a family reunion. I get there and they told me I could sign up BOTH kids for the reading program, because this year they started a baby reading program. Sweet!

Here we are at the library.

Nathan loved picking out books for him and Autumn. He also loved how the library has a lot of stuffed animals for him to play with.

Nathan also got SO excited about the shark that was hanging from the ceiling. Maybe I am oblivious but I would have NEVER noticed that shark. I guess that is why it is wonderful to have kids, they notice things we never would!

Excited about the reading program

Looking at the potty train book - a book about a train that has a potty!

I picked out 5 books each for Nathan and Autumn. I plan to read them 5 books each week. Nathan needs to have 36 books read to him and Autumn needs 20 read to her. I decided to take a picture of them by their books... so here is Nathan with his books!

Autumn with her books

The lady said they needed to color this sheet and to bring it in for an extra prize. I had Nathan color Autumn's for her... Nathan is JUST not big into coloring so it was like pulling teeth to get him to color TWO sheets! Geez!

I read Nathan a book today and marked one circle off

And, I read Miss Auttie a book. I love these sheets. I remember the ones they had at the library when I was a kid, they put each kid's sheet on top of the bookshelves and put a gold star on it if you read a book... It was so neat to see other kid's sheets as the sheets were on posterboard and they folded them so it stood up on the shelf. MUCH cooler then how they do it nowadays - OH WELL! I am so excited to do the reading program this year with the kids! I love reading and hope they will get into reading just like their Mom! If anyone has any good preschool books to recommend please let me know...

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