Curly Crafty Mom: Tomato Luv'er

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tomato Luv'er

It is sooo hard for me to find time to work in the garden with an infant that is so needy, and it is so hot now that I doubt I will do much. I tend to replenish the mulch, plant annuals and prune in the Spring and then cleanup in the Fall. I hate the heat and mosquitos in June-August! Late March-May and Sept.-Oct. are my favorite months to garden!! This year my mother bought me a Topsy Turvy and it has been so much fun to watch. You plant two cherry tomatoes plants in it and it hangs upside down. The plant tries to grow upwards but can't... I saw on someone else's blog they are growing cherry tomatoes on the bottom and a zucchini plant on the top. I am not growing anything on the top of it.

I love tomatoes... Love them. Seriously, I eat the same breakfast every morning... grapes, cheese stick, yogurt cup and a bag of cherry tomatoes. I know, I am weird. Then, I just LOVE the homegrown beefsteak tomatoes that come in the summer... I slice them up and can eat two in one sitting. YUM!!!!

Here are some pictures of my topsy turvy...

Oh, and my sunscraper sunflowers were all WILTED when I came outside today. They are so tall and were leaning over and begging for water. I watered them really well even though I thought for sure I had killed them or distorted/warped their beautiful stems. Well, after I got Autumn to bed I peaked outside and they were all back to normal!! Yay! I really need to water my pots EVERY day now!

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