Curly Crafty Mom: Favorite children's books from the library this week.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Favorite children's books from the library this week.

After going to the park yesterday, we hit the library so that I could turn in some of the books that I had read to Nathan and Autumn from the previous week. We then got some new books and Nathan also picked out an audio book. My library also has DVD's to rent and Nathan picked out 2 Thomas the Train DVD's and a My Little Pony DVD (seriously!). Well, while I was trying to find some books to select for Autumn, Nathan decided to run off on me! UGH! I had Autumn in the stroller since she was asleep, otherwise I would have worn her in the Baby Bjorn. Well, I thought, oh, he is probably just down a couple of aisles. Oh, no... I kept walking, and walking, and I did not see him! I really started to freak out while I was trying to push Autumn in her stroller around people and just everything seemed to be in the way for me to get through. Well, HALF way down the library I came to the teen section, and there was Nathan with a sly little smile on his face and he was sitting on a couch. There are couches with pillows in the teen area and I guess he stopped once he saw the couch he could get up on. I was so happy to find him but ohhh was he in trouble. I have never had this happen before where he has ran off, but if I had been wearing Autumn I could have caught up to him. Oh well, I guess we learn from our mistakes.

On a happier note :o) Each week (or every two weeks), I will share with you our 'favorite' books that we have read through the summer reading program. Not every book that we have checked out has been a hit, but we have found some good ones so far. I wanted to share them with everyone since I know I have a lot of mom's that read my blog.

Such a Silly Baby by Steffanie Lorig

I brought this book home to read to Autumn, but Nathan loved this book the most out of all of the books. I must have read it 10 times in a row the first time I opened it. It is about a mom that has a baby, and she accidently leaves her baby behind when she goes out and about to different places. The mom then brings something other then the baby home by mistake. She goes back to get her baby the next day (lol! I love how it says the next day and not RIGHT away). When the mom finds the baby, the book says 'Such a silly baby'. Nathan is so into his little sister and I think that is why he loves this book because it shows a baby with a bottle taped (yes taped) to the baby's diaper. Not that I tape Autumn's bottle to her diaper, but it is a cute book about a baby exploring her surroundings.

The Potty Train by David Hochman

When I saw this book at the library, I had to get it because it is about potty training AND trains. Nathan loves trains right now so it was a huge hit for him. The book shows a bunch of animals getting on a train and the train takes them through the potty training process, such as an 'Underwear Junction' and going Poo, Pooooo! on the train. So cute!

Uno's Garden by Graeme Base

The reason I got this book at the library is because my friend Becky had gotten us the Water Hole Book which is also by Base. I like the Water Hole book better, but this book had beatiful illustrations inside it and taught a lesson at the end. Basically the book is about imaginary animals and how man keeps building and hunting, and in result, the forest and animals go away. Then, you see a page of the massive city and it is all that is left. The people are unhappy with having no forest left, and they decide to leave. Eventually, the animals and forest come back. The book talks about one snortlepig that becomes extinct. It is a neat book, very colorful and then the color fades out as the city grows and takes over the forest, then comes back when the forest returns.

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