Curly Crafty Mom: A few of Auttie's 'Most Favorite Things'

Monday, July 13, 2009

A few of Auttie's 'Most Favorite Things'

I am starting to grow found of Little Gym night at the mall. Why? Because I like to eat junk. Yes, I look forward to my Starbucks frap and salty pretzel all day long at work. I need serious help. I turned in my free drink coupon that I won on my receipt last week and I asked the Starbucks lady if I could have any size drink for free. She told me, why yes. So, wow, I may be up all night because the cup was very, very tall. I slurped it up and it was oh so good. Maybe I better stick to just the pretzel next week.

Nathan did SO good at the Little Gym and is staying with the group the ENTIRE class! Yay, Nathan! However, we realized that he has a bit of a problem with waiting in line, he gets overexcited and butts in. ESPECIALLY when they bring out the jumbo bouncy thingymajig.

So, I figure, if I can talk him into staying with the class, I can talk him into waiting his turn. I will be having little talks with him about this all week and I am sure next week he will do much better.

And... Auttie is really starting to develop a little personality. She is starting to have some 'favorite' play things. This girl LOVES strings... I can hand her my camera, or Nathan's camera, and she will play with the little arm strap for a quite some time. Well, today (like always), Auttie decided to do her business after I fed her a jar of babyfood at the Little Gym. After she was done grunting, I took her to the bathroom and changed her. When we came out I saw a play area with toys and decided to set her down to play since she sits up so well now.

Auttie found a phone that had a REALLY long string attached to it and played with it for 20 minutes. Then she found a firetruck with a little string on it and played with that. She also loves to play with spoons (although I am careful to watch her while she plays with those) and she LOVES tags. She also loves knawing on Little People.

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