Curly Crafty Mom: Finished up the Library Reading Program today

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finished up the Library Reading Program today

This summer, I read 36 books to Nathan and 20 board books to Autumn for the Library Reading Program. Whew! Tonight we took the kids to the library to return some books and to turn in their sheets so that they could redeem their prizes.

Nathan got a coupon for a corndog to Sonic (ha! He demanded we go to Sonic right after we walked out of the library.), playdough and a book. They ran out of the playdough and book so they are going to call me when they come in. I was a little bummed about that, because I promised Nathan his prizes, but what can you do? He also got to enter a drawing for free Cardinals tickets and tickets to a Stages show.

Then, Autumn got a free board book about Dinosauers with different textures. Of course, it is Nathan's book for now... heheh...

I can't wait to do the reading program again next year! I was surprised it ends on August 1st! But, we did it!! (Ok, I cheated and had Grandma read some books to them, so she got to enjoy the program, too!)

Here are some pictures...

Nathan's certificate... Autumn didn't get one? I may ask for one when I pick up the play dough and book when they come in.

Auttie's prize- a board book
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