Curly Crafty Mom: Kansas City Plaza

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kansas City Plaza

After we visited the T-Rex restaurant, we decided it was time to check in at our hotel on the plaza in Kansas City. We usually stay with Jeremi's mom when we visit, but Jeremi decided to treat me like a Queen this time with a nice suite at the Marriott Residence Inn. Yay!

Here is the Kansas City skyline

Our hotel on the plaza

The hotel was SO nice with a kitchen (full size fridge, dish washer, sink and stove top!!), bed, sofa fold out bed (for Nathan), crib (turned out to be a pack and play) and huge bathroom. I was really pleased!! They also gave us a $50 voucher off our next visit, so we may come back in the fall so that we can go to the Renaissance Festival as I have always wanted to see it and we just haven't made it down for it. We'll see...

Here is the bed... sorry the room is messy, but I took these photos before we checked out... I didn't take a picture of the bathroom, but it was nice!

We took a walk on the plaza after we checked in and after visiting with my mother-in-law. It was so nice and cool, what is with this 80 degree weather? Here is a picture of a restaurant I want to eat at when we do use our voucher for the hotel. It is a Brazilian bbq place, I have never tried a Brazilian restaurant but from what I hear they fill you up with lots of meat that they bring out on sticks from the kitchen. YUM!

Little Auttie slept peacefully on our walk, it was past her bedtime!

We stopped and got drinks at the Starbucks on the plaza. What... was... I... thinking! I was wired till 11pm! I could NOT sleep! It wouldn't have been so bad but we had to be in Osawatomie, Kansas for a breakfast at Jeremi's Grandma's the next morning!

Oh but that caramel frap was divine.

Nathan in the sofa bed with his dino's... yes, he thinks Sissy's pink dino is his... Auttie didn't seem to notice...

This was a cute picture I took the next morning before we left. Both the kids with their Build a Dino's on the couch at the hotel. So stinkin' cute!

Jeremi showed me this old drive through theatre that is in Osawatomie, Kansas that he used to go to as a kid. It is still open! We may see a movie there when we come back to redeem our voucher if we have time, as I have never been to a drive through movie.

Oh, and I don't have a picture of it, but Jeremi's mom got me a Bissel carpet shampooer for my birthday gift! It was a HUGE box but Jeremi and my MIL managed to find a way to stuff it in my cargo area of my CRV! heheh!! I can't wait to try it out on my living room carpet... our carpet is new and I want to keep it new! Darn kids! heheh.
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