Curly Crafty Mom: Little Gym, Spencer the Train and Free Clothes for Nathan!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Gym, Spencer the Train and Free Clothes for Nathan!

Today we had Nathan's Little Gym class, and I must say that Nathan LOVES that the Little Gym moved into the mall. You all know how *I* feel about the Little Gym moving into the mall. Now, I walk by Starbucks and I have to get a drink there, so that is $3.50 down the drain. Although, today I got a survey on my receipt and if I do this survey in 14 days I get a FREE drink of choice! Ha! Also, I love pretzels, and so does Nathan... so after class, we always get a pretzel. How am I ever going to lose my muffin top if I keep eating like this? I wasn't even hungry for dinner! Well, I blame it all on the Little Gym! D*mn them for moving into the mall!

Oh, and of course, another reason why I am mad that the Little Gym moved into the mall, but a reason why Nathan is happy that it moved into the mall is summed up in THIS picture... BIG sigh!

Yep, the dreaded riding toys that you see in a distance, and think, "Oh no.. I must walk faster with this enormous double stroller so that maybe, just MAYBE my 3 year old won't see the 20 assorted riding toys." Then, of course, when you are within sight of them you say, "Look, look Nathan!" and you point out some sort of cool thing you see in a store that is in the OPPOSITE direction of the riding toys, so that he turns his head away from them. "Nathan, OH Nathan, look at that cool.. That cool hat! Oh wow, it even has a hole for a pony tail!" But, then... of course... it always happens... "MOM!! I WANT OUT I WANT TO RIDE ON THAT HELICOPTER! MOMMY GET ME OUT NOW!"


But, of course, tonight I was ONE happy Momma... Why? Because my BIG boy stayed with the group for the ENTIRE Little Gym class! Last time he almost did it, but started wandering the last 15 minutes. But, today, he stayed with the class the ENTIRE time... Of course, Jeremi and I saw the little wheels in Nathan's head turning, several times we saw him start to run off, but then he stopped, we saw the wheels spin, and he went back to the group.

How did we get him to stay with the group? Oh, we had lots and lots of talks with him about staying with the group. He knows and even talks to us about how he is supposed to stay with the group. Oh, and then... well, there was this...

See that train in the picture? (Oh, sorry for the leaves, my husband doesn't like me to show the kids nekkid or almost nekkid (as John Deere mom says) on the Blog. hee, hee! But, anyway, in this picture you will see Thomas the Train's friend Spencer. Yep, we told Nathan that if he followed along in class that he would get Spencer. It worked, but it took 2 classes. Nathan knows that if he breaks the rules, Spencer will be taken away.

So, since this worked so well, I told Nathan tonight that if he doesn't go #2 in his pants for a full week he will get the Emily train. He is really into these battery operated Thomas trains right now. Spencer is the second one he has gotten. So, I think this brainwashing may work. Nathan is doing really good with going #2 on the potty about 80% of the time now, BUT I am just so ready to have him full trained so I am hoping this works!! Please!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Nathan's Little Gym class from today.

This photo cracks me up because all the kids are lying flat on the floor, but Nathan has his little bum sticking up. ;)

Today was also great because Jeremi's boss gave us more hand me downs! He has given us a lot and it always helps out. It is not Gymboree stuff by any means, but at Nathan's age, he is so rough on clothes that play clothes are nice to have! We got a bag full of shoes, a bag of coats and also a HUGE tub full of clothes. These will be great for the winter! Here are pictures:

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