Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan and Autumn hit the Level 1 prize stop with the Library Reading Program

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nathan and Autumn hit the Level 1 prize stop with the Library Reading Program

Well, after about three trips to the library, we FINALLY made it to the first prize stop with the library's summer reading program. Yay! I am really enjoying this program because it is reminding me that I need to read to my kids every day! Today I picked up books for Nathan about 'going to school' and his 'first day at school' because we will be sending him to preschool sometime in the near future. Also, Nathan LOVES cats right now, so I got him books about cats. I picked up some other misc. books for him and I picked up Autumn some board books. The library has audio books for preschoolers and I love to play these for Nathan when we are commuting. I usually check one out every 2 weeks, and he turns the pages when it tells him to on the cd and he follows along. We had an alphabet one last week and this week I got an audio book about sharks.

So, here are the tracking charts that I brought to the library... I had to read 12 books to Nathan and 10 books to Autumn for the Level 1 prize.

Nathan's prizes were:
1. One free admission into the Magic House
2. Free Slushy at Sonic
3. Wikki Sticks (it is funny he got these, because tonight we read a book with the nursery rhyme that goes... 1,2 Tie my shoe 3,4 Shut the door 5,6 Pick up sticks 7,8 Lay them straight 9, 10 A big fat hen...) Isn't that a hoot?

Then, Autumn's prize was a pink blow up ball.

Autumn with her ball

Nathan with Auttie's ball

Nathan wondering what to do with his sticks. They are fuzzy pipe cleaner-type things with wax on them. They bend. Sort of a craft thing I guess.

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