Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan meets Fireworks

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nathan meets Fireworks

Jeremi brought home a big brown bag of fireworks for Nathan (and me!) to enjoy. Nathan has never seen fireworks before, and let me just say... he is a pyro-crazed boy now! Heehee!

These were always my favorite as a kid, the charcoal black worms. Nathan had no idea what these little magical black capsules would do... with a little FIRE!

So, we added a little fire and POOF... we had long, worms... that kept... growin' and growin'!

Word to the wise... These will stain your patio really bad. I thought, oh, I'll use a garbage can lid. Well, now I have a garbage can lid with two holes in it. Oops!

So, we burned some out by the bbq grill (not close to the propane tank!!!) on a stone. Nathan asked me, "Mommy, are these real worms?" Got to love 3 year olds!

Nathan had to touch them

Quick change of topic: Look at how well the sunscrapers are growing!

Well, we have a wooden deck so we decided to go to Grandpa and Ma's house since they have a large patio so that we could set off the tank and racecar that Jeremi got for Nathan.

Nathan's tank

Nathan's racecar

Nathan watched in awe from Grandpa and Ma's steps

Smoke bombs. Pew! P.S. We found a metal trashcan lid and it worked MUCH better then the plastic lid from our house

Oh, what is this... it's not a bird... it's not a plane... No, it's a... PARACHUTE!

Nathan loved to run out into the yard to catch the parachutes

Here we are with our firework lover! Can't wait till next year!

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