Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Swim Class at the YMCA

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nathan's Swim Class at the YMCA

Tonight we had Nathan's first swim class at the YMCA. I have enrolled him in swim classes the last two years, so this is actually his third swim class... however, this time it was WITHOUT us in the pool with him! I was so nervous, but he LOVED the class and wants to go back next week already! The class is a small size with just 4 kids and 1 instructor. Nathan did jump in one time and was 'jumping' to stay afloat in the water and the instructor was quick to pull him out and give him a warning to be put in time out. I am glad she did that as he is so fearless right now and doesn't realize the dangers that water can impose to him with not knowing how to swim.

She did a great job with having the kids hold onto the edge of the pool and then had them pull themselves out of the pool all on their own without any floatation devices on them. Then, she put a floater around their waists and had them swim from one side of the pool and back again with her help. She also showed them how to float on their back and they practiced that along with the all too famous 'jumping' in the pool which is every 3 year old's favorite part of swim class.

Here are some pictures...

Nathan in the locker room

The very beginning of class... sorry my pictures are so dark and ugly, but my camera WOULD not take good pictures in the pool area and I have no idea why-- maybe the lighting in there?!

Floating with the noodle

Floating on his back

Getting ready to jump in
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