Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 9 months

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Autumn's 9 months

Happy 9 Months to Autumn Nicole!

Yesterday we took Miss Autumn to her 9 month well visit at Dr. Atteberry's office. Here are her stats:

Length: 28.25" (70%)
Weight: 16 lb 2 oz (7%)
Head Circumferance: 17.32" (50%)

The appointment went well, and we were told to keep Autumn on finger foods in addition to adding meat. Tonight Autumn had chicken and carrot ravioli (Gerber bite sized ones) and we also bought her some lunch meat (turkey) that she'll have later this week. The nurse told us that she could be fully on finger foods and we could stop feeding her the baby food. However, I do plan to buy a few jars to mix in with her rice cereal that I feed her 3x a day.

I also discussed with the nurse about how my milk supply has gone down. I was pumping 4 bottles a day at the beginning, then went down to pumping 2 bottles, and now I get 1 bottle when I pump 3 times! I have a LARGE freezer supply, but I counted the bags this weekend and there is only 20 left. I told the nurse that I am afraid I won't have enough milk to last until Autumn is 1 year. Autumn drinks 2-3 bottles while I am at work so when my freezer stash runs out I will need my mom to give her formula for 1 or 2 bottles. This really bothers me because with Nathan my supply lasted until a year, but he also started solids at a snails pace. The nurse told me to hang in there because at 11 months we can start doing half breastmilk and half whole milk, however, I think in another 15-30 days I will have no choice but to put her on 1-2 bottles of formula even if its just for one month. Sooooooo... such is life :o)-

Another topic that came up at the appointment is that Autumn goes to bed between 7:30-8pm and then normally wakes around 10:30-11:30pm and then again around 2:30am-4am and then waking for the day between 5-5:30am. I get up for work around 5am, so the early wake is ok, but, I won't be bummed out when she starts to sleep in because having a baby crawl around my feet and pull up on my legs while I am putting makeup on or doing my hair can be quite a task. The nurse told me that Autumn should be sleeping through the night and we are not sleep training her by letting her feed at night. She said Jeremi needs to go in to put her back to bed if she wakes mid-night, and she may throw a fit but she will learn quickly to self-soothe herself back to bed. I am not sure if I am crazy, but... if she wakes I am going to continue to feed her. I did this with Nathan and he sleeps great now, I just think a baby is a baby and until they are 2 they are going to go through different sleep cycles and sometimes sleep better then others. There was a period a month ago where Autumn was sleeping from 8pm-6:30am without waking, then she learned to crawl and pull up and we went through a rough patch... Jeremi does go in to put her to bed sometimes, it just depends on the night and if I cannot drag myself out of bed.

Autumn's is starting to babble finally, and she says "Bah-bah-guhrl", which her brother tells her she is a "Bad, bad, girl". I can't believe these are her first words! I sort of think she is saying "Da-da" as well. She just started to wave bye-bye and loves peak a boo and patty cake. She can stand up and even cruise across the entire coffee table if we leave food out... This girl is the opposite of Nathan in that she sticks everything and anything in her mouth- wooden blocks, rocks, Hot Wheels, you name it... so, yes, we have been baby-proofing. Just recently she loves to play with doors- swinging them back and forth and she LOVES listening to DVD's where there is a lot of music such as the Gymboree DVD. She also loves anything that is Nathan's... :o)-

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