Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Birthday to Moi.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Moi.

Jeremi and I had a nice dinner the evening before my birthday, with carry out from Sqwuires in Lafayette Square near where I work. This place is delicious and great for special events. I got the breaded scallops with erzo (a rice sized pasta) and their mixed greens salad. Then, Jeremi surprised me with a cookie cake from American Cookie Co. and there was NO icing on it... YAY! I hate icing on cookie cake, so it was bare but so delicious!

This morning I told Nathan while I was getting ready that Mama didn't get NUTTIN' for her birthday. He looked sad and went in his room and gave me a car toy of his... of course, the batteries were dead and I gave him trouble about it. heheh! He ran and got me another car! So precious... then he told me that he had a nice birthday at the train store and asked if my birthday was going to be at the train store, too. heheh.

Today I had to go into work, but I went to lunch with a coworker at Union Station and we went to Houlihans. I am a member of Houlihan's email club, and on your birthday they send you an email for a free entree- ANYTHING off the menu. So, of course, I ordered the $24.99 filet mignon for lunch! Ha!! Oink! Yes, I have eaten way too much lately... I did leave a nice 20% tip but what a deal! Then my department is taking me out for my actual birthday lunch on Wednesday. I am considering either Triumph, Sage or Sqwuires again!! I LOVE working downtown because the restaurants ROCK, as we have hardly any chains...

And, to make the day even better, I came home and my Mom had Nathan and Autumn give me a water pitcher/filter, Gymboree giftcard and spa set. And, drumroll... Jeremi got me a CANON REBEL!!!!!!!!! I didn't have a lot of time to tinker with it tonight as we had Nathan's last Little Gym class, but the thing is a tank. Love it. Just need to read the manual and all the fine print.

Off to bed...

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