Curly Crafty Mom: My Little Helper

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Little Helper

Oh, the pre-kid days were so easy, I could vacuum the entire house in 15 minutes, have the weeds pulled out of the garden as soon as I saw them popping up... but, now... oh, now I have a little helper...

Yes, my little helper loves to help me water my flowers... he loves it so much that he has to have his OWN watering can.

My little helper loves watering the flowers SO much that he asks (ok, demands) that we water the same flowers over and over, until... well, until they are overflowing and drenched with water.

My little helper even wants me to give him the hose so he can fill his watering can that holds maybe 1 cup of water. Yes, the watering can that just empties itself in a mere 5 seconds. Somehow, that watering can just keeps needing to be filled up.

Oh, then somehow my little helper decides that Mommy needs to be watered too... oh, and then my little helper decides he needs to water himself.

Oh boy.

Yes, some people are glad to be up high... especially after my little helper splashes me in the face with ice cold water. Lucky them. Sure, ha, ha! Laugh all you want!

After changing myself and my little helper into dry clothes I decide to vacuum the house... and while I am vacuuming I am holding a screaming little non-helper that hates the noise of the vacuum in one arm and I have my little helper with his toy vacuum trying to vacuum where I need to vacuum. I get asked questions like, 'Mom, why doesn't my vacuum have an on button?' 'What does this hose on my vacuum do?' 'Oh look, Mom, look what is inside my vacuum!' 'Can we vacuum my room next?' 'Oh, wow, my vacuum hit your vacuum!'

Yep, this is exactly why it takes me ALL day to do one chores! (Oh, and I forgot to mention how I had 100,000,001 Hot Wheels and oh maybe 989,000 Thomas trains to pick up PRIOR to the start of the vacuum. Ahhh, yes, I remember the simple days. ;)

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