Curly Crafty Mom: Sunscrapers

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well, the time has finally come- the SUNSCRAPERS have BLOOMED! Except... they aren't really sunscapers, but, they are pretty tall. I planted them in a pot so I could keep them near our patio door so that Nathan could watch them grow from inside the house. However, that sort of stumped their growth as the pot wasn't that big AND my mom planted the same seeds in regular dirt in her garden and hers REALLY got tall. Lesson learned, so next time we do sunflowers, I think we will plant them in the garden. However, they were still taller then Nathan :o)-

My two sweetiepies next to the sunscrapers.

Taller than Nathan!

I cut two off for the kids to play with and they just loved looking at the flowers.

Except, Nathan felt bad for his sunflower so he stuck it back in the dirt so it would continue to grow. Hee, hee! Too cute!

Autumn is just a little darling looking at her sunflower.

**Side Note: We are no longer enjoying nice weather in the 80's... back to hot and humid August in STL!

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