Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 3rd Year at Things That Go

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nathan's 3rd Year at Things That Go

We have Nathan and Autumn in the Parents as Teachers program and every year they have a 'Things That Go' event that includes lots and lots of wheels! (In other words, Nathan's paradise!)

This is the third year we have taken Nathan, and every year he enjoys it more and more. This was Autumn's first year and although we had to keep her in the stroller for most if it, she still enjoyed some things.

Of course, first we saw an icecream truck filled to the rim with ice cold treats. Two years ago they had an Oberweis truck that gave out free icecream and chocolate milk. Not this year, we had to pay... but, wow, I bet the guy that owns this icecream truck made a fortune!

Nathan selected a Ninja Turtle for his cold and sweet treat

No icecream for Autumn, and puffs just do not do justice... she just does not look happy about it, does she? hee!

Of course, we could not pass up the John Deere... Nathan AND Autumn got to enjoy this ride!

Autumn is giving Nathan directions...

Of course, Nathan wanted in the back with his Sissy. Sissy sure is wondering what her brother is going to be up to next...

Trailor that the John Deere thingy came on... Nathan loved running up it...

... and sliding down it... which equals a... dirty bum!

I had to get my classic photo of Nathan standing by the wheel

Nathan way up high

After the icecream, Nathan needed something salty to even out his taste buds... And, low and behold there was a Frito-Lay truck!

That's my boy!

Nathan even got to go in a semi and HONK THE HORN (yes, it was THAT loud- Miss Autumn did not know what to think OF ALL THAT LOUD LOUD LOUD NOISE)

Autumn got to crawl around in a canoe... except, all she cared about was a piece of dirt that she found on the bottom of it.

Nathan enjoyed spraying some water

Nathan and Autumn enjoying water play

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