Curly Crafty Mom: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Halloween pictures

After Jeff and Tracy's party, Nathan and I went to the Halloween party at the library while Miss Autumn got her beauty sleep for tonight.

I was amazed when Nathan got excited about doing a craft! He always tells me he hates crafts! heheh!!

Nathan did this entire pumpkin by himself, I did do the painting but he stuck lots and lots of different Halloween stickers on the pumpkin. When I told him we were done, he said noooo and wanted to continue sticking more on his treat bag! I was excited that he got so excited about a craft for once! heheh

And, Nathan got his first face painting! I asked the lady if she could do a train, but she said that they only do 6 different paintings, otherwise each kid would ask for something different. Oh well! I tried!

Then when we got home, we had to carve our pumpkin! Nathan really wanted to see what the inside of a pumpkin looked like!

Last year he was not AT ALL excited about helping me clean the pumpkin out, but this year... to my surprise... (because, Nathan hates anything messy!) he reached in!!!

And pulled out lots of pumpkin goo and seeds! We had fun!

Of course, after we cleaned it out, we handed it over to Daddy so he could carve a pumpkin train! Oh boy!

Before trick or treating!

Nathan after trick or treating

Autumn in the big pile of candy after trick or treating

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Halloween Party at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tracy's!

Today we went over to Uncle Jeff/Aunt Tracy's for a Halloween party and lunch! We were so sad to find out Jeff had cut his finger while chopping an onion up for lunch, and he missed the entire party while he was at the urgent care center getting 7 stitches! Poor Jeff!

Tracy ordered these adorable cupcakes and spider web stand for the party. Each cupcake had a cute little Halloween image on it (witch, moon, etc.)... so cute! I think I might be ordering Autumn's 1st birthday cake from the same place.

Even Autumn checked out one of the cupcakes... but, she has to wait till next month for a bite of cake!

I love how they decorated the house! They had lots of Halloween Mr. Potato Head pumpkins!

It is SO hard to get a group photo of kids... I plopped Autumn down on the floor next to everyone else and she did this! heheh! Didn't cry or anything, just laid there!

Finally I got her to cooperate for a couple of group photos... Altho, we are missing Jack.

Me with my Pumpkin Fairy!

Tracy's sister Amy had all kinds of fun games for the kids to play

She even made a ghost pinata! By hand! It was so cute!

Autumn just smiled and smiled at the ghost pinata

Finally the kids broke it open and had more fun playing with the confetti then they did with the candy!

Autumn loved stuffing her bag full of goodies

Thanks Jeff and Tracy for having us over for the party!

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Halloween Morning

The first thing I did on Halloween morning was give the kids their Halloween gifts.

Of course, it was the perfect opportunity for me to request a smile from Nathan so I could snap his photo. Aren't they cute in their skeleton pj's? (Which glow in the dark, too!)

Digging through their goodies

Nathan wanted his train opened first

Autumn wanted to check out Nathan's bucket first.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Mini Caramel Apple Treat!

Of course, I was FAMISHED after keeping tabs on two kiddos at the Magic House, so after Nathan and I had lunch(Autumn was napping), we worked on a fun treat! A mini caramel apple treat that I had seen in an old Family Fun magazine.

First... I had to melt the caramel, and UHH. WHY was there wrappers on EACH and EVERY single piece of caramel? I spent a half hour unwrapping these things and my poor nails! I mean, seriously, it says on the bag that the caramels are for candy apples, and it even includes sticks in the bag! Then, why, may I ask, why is there wrappers on each piece! Do they realize that Moms like me don't have time for this?!!!

Here is the assembly line... What makes this recipe fun is that you use a melon baller (I just bought one from a Pampered Chef party) and you cut apple balls out of Granny Smith apples. You have a little apple core on each apple. Then, you stick a stick through it. SO CUTE! I like these so much better then the large apples because they are snack size! Then, there are sprinkles and coconut for toppings. I don't like nuts all that much so I left those out...

I got Nathan's step stool out and he had so much fun dipping!

I even had to dippity dip!

Final result!

Here is the recipe...

Mini Caramel Apples

4" lollipop sticks
Melon baller
Granny Smith apples (one apple makes about 8 mini apples)
Butterscotch or peanut butter chips
Chopped nuts, nonpareils, sprinkles, shredded coconut
Small paper candy cups (mini cupcake cups)

Cut the lollipop sticks in half at an angle (pointy end goes into apple)

With the melon baller, scoop little balls out of the apple. Each ball should have a section of the apple peel.

Push half of a lollipop stick into the peel for each ball.

Pat the apple pieces dry.

Melt the chips according to the package directions. Dip and swirl the mni apples in the melted chips, then roll apples in toppings.

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Rainy, rainy, and let me say RAINY day... spent at the Magic House!

Today I was off of work so I decided to pile the kids into the car so that I could take them to the Magic House. I have had a free pass for Nathan from his Library Reading Program, and Autumn is free until she turns 1... so, we just had to pay for ME! Well, I drive all the way there in the pouring down rain and I realized I had forgotten my CAMERA! Oh, no! Autumn had just fallen asleep in the car, so I decided to turn around to go back to get my camera so that she could sleep a little longer... as, I HAVE to have my camera!!!

Finally arrived at the Magic House... isn't it HUGE? Seriously, I thought it was huge when I was a little kid, but they have really added on to it.

Nathan loves ghosts, so of course I snapped a photo of him with this friendly ghost. They gave Nathan a bag and autograph book so he could trick or treat and also get autographs of different story book characters throughout the house. I must say, it was kind of lame, as he got 1 piece of candy, a tattoo and bat ring and NO autographs! The people giving out the candy weren't dressed up... and, the people we did see dressed up, walked right by and didn't stop for autographs. Which was ok, since we were there to see the house, but... uhh, I wouldn't suggest going there just for their 'Not So Haunted House'.

Nathan and Autumn LOVED the water play area. Thank goodness they had water vests for the bigger kids, and it was SO cool because they had little sitting areas for the babies to sit in so they could play in the water, too! This was the kids favorite part of the house!

Nathan loved this blue sail boat

Autumn playing in the water, too! Water is one of her favorite things! When I run the water for her bath, she crawls right into the bathroom and demands to get in! Then, gets mad when I take her out. I must say, my hallway bathroom is very clean since I always clean it while she plays in the tub!

Another, very, very awesome part of the Magic House is the fishing area... Nathan used a magnetic fishing rod to catch a fish, and that is not all... THEN...

He went to the other side of the room and threw it into the fenced in water area... and...

It floated down this neat creek that is inside the floor, but covered by clear plexiglass... and, it floats all the way back to the fishing area! OH!!! Nathan loved this... he crawled, ran, walked, and squiled, "THERE GOES MY FISH! LOOK, THERE IT GOES! THAT IS MY FISH!" And... well, lets say, we did this several times. One time his fish got stuck in the freaking fenced in area and I had to (shhh!) get it out. Let me not say how I got the stupid fish unstuck, but I did, because an unhappy fisherman is not a pleasant site. ;o)-

Next, we went to the infant play area... AUTUMN'S area! Ohhh, she loves ball pits! I was giving myself a pat on the back for buying her a ball pit last weekend for her birthday that is coming up.

This picture of her holding two balls is so cute!

Even Nathan wanted in the ball pit

They also had a little kitchen area for the babies, and Autumn loved it. She loved to open/close doors and I really need to let her see Nathan's old play kitchen that we got from Sam's, which is an actual WALK-IN kitchen, its HUGE! She'd love it!

Nathan and Autumn in the kitchen

Then, we did some misc. things... Nathan has never been in one of these tunnels in the air, and he was so nervous and cautious climbing through it the first time. I think he was afraid he'd fall through! heheh

I remember this from when I was a kid... its a little mouse hole tucked away. Of course, I noticed it and pointed it out to Nathan. He opened it and the mice were all dressed in Halloween costumes!

We went over to the old wing of the Magic House and Nathan played with these air balls. I remember this as a kid...

They also had this car and you can't see it in the picture but it had a stoplight and he had to break or press the gas depending on the stoplight.

There was also a static electricity ball, and you can touch it and your hair will stand on end, but....... Nathan refused to do it. I didn't push him, maybe next time...

We visited the gift store on the way out, and Nathan got a cheapy weapy train as I'd call it ($7 piece of junk!) and a $1 dinosaur and Autumn got a $6 magic wand. It was 1pm when we left and I was STARVING and exhausted since I took both kids by myself!!! Whew! Autumn fell asleep in the car and slept till 4:45pm! She was starving when she woke up as we had left at 9am this morning! Nathan fell asleep in the car, too, but, of course he woke up when I got him out! Go figure! heheh! All in all we had a GREAT time! I'd like to take the kids there one time a year, as I think anymore then that might be a little redundant.

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