Curly Crafty Mom: Another Highlights cooking activity: Chunky Guacamole

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Highlights cooking activity: Chunky Guacamole

My mom gets the Highlights magazine for Nathan each and every month at her house, and I always love doing the cooking activities with Nathan. Even Autumn is old enough to sit up in the booster chair to watch us while we slice and dice, chop and stir... yeah, whatever...

So, last night Nathan helped me make Chunky Guacamole. We had fun, but, I will admit to the truth. My kids hate guacamole, even Miss Autumn who will eat almost anything, including pebbles at the playground. Even my HUSBAND hates guacamole... so, SCORE! All mine!!!

This was an easy and quick recipe, perfect for a work night

Ingredients. The recipe calls for a lime but my husband picked up a lemon, which worked just fine. Oh, and, be sure you give the avocados a few days to ripen or they will be ROCK hard and totally useless for this recipe.

Autumn loves to sit in the booster chair so she can watch Nathan and I work away. She loves cheerios, and I ran out of the fruity ones, so she is eating some fruit loops, which we seem to have a NEVER ending supply of since we bought a huge box at Sams. I love this picture because she has a fruit loop in her mouth and one in her hand.

Ok, sorry for all of the Autumn photos, but, seriously, she is just at that SWEET and smiley age right now. AND, she is sleeping through the night again (after sleeping horribly for two months straight!)... The reason: she cut several teeth! Two on top and a third on the bottom. Now, watch, I probably jinxed myself. But, seriously, isn't she just a doll?

Ok, last Autumn photo, and then on to the guacamole, I promise... but, look at her pretty little curls! And, such a cute Prissy Miss bow/headband combo!

So, first I had Nathan cut up an avocado into chunks with a lot of my help.

Then, he mashed the other avocado. Then, add the chunks of avocado with the smashed avocados... this gives the guacamole a little bit of texture

Add tomatoes

Add sweet red pepper

In a separate bowl, squeeze the juice from one lemon

Add a tablespoon of olive oil

Add a pinch of cilantro, and then mix it up and add it to the avocado/tomato/pepper bowl.

Mix it all up

And, ta-da! Chunky guacamole

Nathan trying a bite

Autumn trying a bite

I can't wait for the next Highlights cooking activity!

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