Curly Crafty Mom: Auttie's Birthday 'Outfit' Pics!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Auttie's Birthday 'Outfit' Pics!

Yes, yes, I know there is still 4 weeks till Miss Auttie turns 1, but in 4 weeks we will be doing Christmas photos (yikes, how scary is that?) and... well, I have an adorable birthday outfit AND an adorable Christmas outfit for Miss Autumn.

So, I decided to get her pictures taken in her birthday outfit one month early. Then, next month, I can JUST focus on getting her and Nathan's photos taken in their Christmas outfits, and I won't need to do an outfit change for her OR schedule another appointment for her with her birthday outfit. Because, trust me... I AVOID the mall LIKE THE PLAGUE after Thanksgiving!!!

I know, I thought about this way too much, feel free to make fun of me. :o)- Another reason I decided to have her picture taken at Sears today, is because we purchased a huge wall frame montage for Nathan at Sears at 11 months, and I really... really... wanted a matching one of Autumn at 11 months. I can't wait to hang them side by side in our hallway that is open to the living room. Yay!

Ok, so, here are the BEAUTIFUL pictures... (BTW, I will take a picture of the wall frame montage once it comes in and you'll see how beautiful hers and Nathan's frames will look side by side!)

My favorite!!!

Standing and holding onto a pink cube. We have a photo of Nathan doing this as well!!! You can barely see her shoes I bought her, but they are Pedipeds... her first pair of real shoes! Its one of her birthday gifts, so back in the box they will go till next month!

We also did photos of Nathan in a tub with his robe... thank goodness her robe still fit her! I just had to get a tub photo of both of them as babies still (before 1)!

I am so impressed with how they turned out, and Autumn is getting over her stranger anxiety and did not even cry when I set her down. THANK GOODNESS! Whew!

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