Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn is 11 months yesterday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn is 11 months yesterday!

I cannot believe it is only 1 month until Autumn turns 1 and my last baby will not be a baby anymore. Sniff, sniff! Autumn started to say "Mom, Mom" this week, and I must say, I am thrilled that she is saying my name! She also says "Da-da", "Ba-ba-gurl", "Buh-bye" and "Kittah-cah" (kitty-cat). Autumn may be tall and thin, but this girl LOVES to eat and is a bottomless pit. Her favorite meals are grilled cheese or Mac & Cheese, bannanas with grapes or, well... ANYTHING! I am still breastfeeding her, and pumping at work, but we are starting to introduce her to organic whole milk as of this week. Autumn is cruising now, and standing a little on her own, so I really doubt she will be walking by her birthday, but we will see... She loves to take a 3 hour lunch-time into early afternoon nap each day and she is sleeping much better at night now. Autumn started to sprout the rest of her teeth ALL in one week. Seriously, 2 more teeth on the bottom, 4 teeth on top and molars all started cutting at the same time, so NO WONDER why she is sleeping A LOT better now that they've cut though! THANK GOODNESS!!!!

Autumn's still loves strings, plugs and water... when I start the water for her bath, she squeels in delight and I hear the pitter-patter of her crawling quickly to the bathroom. I cannot wait to enroll her in her first swim class at the Y in the Spring, and we definitly need to go swimming inside at the Arnold Rec this winter!

I am starting to plan a simple birthday party for her since her normal nap time is during lunch, so we are doing just a 'cake, with homemade icecream and sherbert punch' party... it will be just intermediate family... which, will be sort of a relief because its the Saturday before Thanksgiving and it'll be nice to keep it simple as I have gone all out for Nathan's last 3 parties. It seems simple these days is so much EASIER since life is so hectic with two kids. And, Autumn seems to like things simple so I am sure she will be thankful I kept her party low-key!

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