Curly Crafty Mom: Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last year we found our all-time favorite pumpkin patch, Stuckmeyer's, and we decided to go back this year. This pumpkin patch has it all: pumpkin field (of course!), centipede tractor ride, regular tractor ride, corn field maze, inside market, food, petting zoo, huge playground (Fort Spooky), huge sandbox play area, pony/horse rides and bouncy house. I am sure I missed something, but I also love that there is plenty of parking for the crowd and it is not overpriced. Nathan rode the centipede tractor ride, took a pony ride and we bought 2 pumpkins and only paid $20! Plus, the playground, corn maze and petting zoo was FREE! The pumpkin patch is 5 minutes away from our house and it is our family tradition to go to Stuckmeyer's every year to get our pumpkins!

So, of course, after arriving at Stuckmeyer's, we had to get our family pumpkin pickin' portrait.

And, of course, a photo of the two pumpkins with the pumpkins

Autumn enjoyed her first visit to the pumpkin patch

Autumn did not even try to crawl away because she just loved all her pumpkin friends!

Instead of crawl away, she decided to stand up and hold onto the pumpkin stems.

Of course, the pumpkin patch pictures aren't complete until you have a picture of Autumn with her Momma!

Of course, Nathan had to hunt for the PERFECT pumpkin. He kicked the ugly duds out of the way in search for the perfect pumpkin.

At last, we found THE perfect pumpkin.

And, away we go, pumpkin and Miss Autumn in tow!

Of course, next Nathan wanted to take a ride on a horse. This is the cutest picture, he is waving to me!

Closeup of Nathan on the horse

Autumn watching Nathan ride the horse

Then, next up was the centipede tractor ride... Nathan rode alllll by himself. He looks a little nervous here, but he was a brave soul!

There he goes!!! I must admit, I was a little nervous about his reaction!

Here they are coming back!

Next we went to the market so that Nathan could pick out a small pumpkin

Autumn checking out the pumpkin... Isn't her hair cute? I clipped two itty bitty bows (lavendar and orange) together onto her headband.

Nathan wanted me to take his picture next to this FUGLEE pumpkin. Seriously, it was like the ugly duckling of the bunch!

Nathan loved climbing on the hay

And, of course, Nathan's favorite part (OF COURSE!!!), the playground- Fort Spooky

Nathan and I infront of the haunted house. You can't see real well in this photo, but my work buys us a free pair of shoes every year up to $150! I am wearing an $88 pair of brown leather shoes with great traction and they are steel toe but not too heavy! Not too shabby! I work in the chemistry industry so we need these shoes for when we walk through the labs/shipping areas. My work is super strict about safety. Fun, fun!!

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