Curly Crafty Mom: Suson Farm and Park on a Crisp Fall Day

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Suson Farm and Park on a Crisp Fall Day

Today was a busy, busy day...

First, Nathan had his flu shot, and he is a crazy kid because he ran into the room all excited, telling the nurse to hurry up so he could get his bandaid. Seriously, the nurse looked at him like he was crazy? He was smiling as she gave him the shot (we call it a 'pinch') and was smiling even bigger when she gave him a bandaid that had blue camo like his shirt, plus he even scored some stickers. Woohoo!

Then we went to the mall to return a pair of jeans to Ann Taylor Loft and I got my free Victoria Secret panties. I got to the mall 30 minutes before it opened, and wow, there are a lot of people at the mall before hours just roaming around! Seriously, who would have guessed, and it was the longest 30 minutes of my life. Thankfully JCPenney was open and I got a shower liner... Woohoo times two.

After that, we went to Trader Joe's to get some of my must-items... there is a Smoothie place next to Trader Joe's so we went in there and Nathan got a banana chocolate smoothie and I got a berry mix. Finally, we came home and put Autumn down for her nap and had lunch.

Then, we started on our HALLOWEEN SURPRISE GOODIES that we are giving out at Jeff and Tracy's Halloween party for each family. That will be a blog post for later as I do not want to ruin the surprise, but I must say we had fun making them. I am also giving them out as Phantom Ghost gifts at my work. After that, Autumn woke up from her nap early and both kids had a case of the fussies so, what do you do to fix that? FRESH AIR! I don't know what it is about fresh air and calming the fussies, but it works like magic... so, I have been wanting to take the kids to Suson park to see the animals and to take them on a wagon ride, so I figured, if I didn't go today, we would miss our chance before it gets too cold. Oh, and, of course, I took my camera and got lots of great shots.

Suson Farm (park) has lots of horses, goats, pigs, etc. for the kids to see up close, unfortuantly, they are on winter hours already so most of the animals were inside the barns.

The kids LOVED and I mean LOVED the wagon ride that I gave them throughout the farm, and we also went around the lake and over the bridge one time. Autumn did not know what to think of having a goat staring right at her! I think she got a bit of goat anxiety because she fussed for me to keep moving! ha, ha! She was ok after we got away from that bold goat!

On the bridge over the water... I put a couple of blankets in the wagon for the kids since it was a tad cool, and they loved cuddling up in them.

Autumn looking down into the water and she is also styling in her Prissy Miss crochet beanie with bling bling flower clip, thanks to Prissy Miss Boutique.

Autumn really enjoyed the wagon ride

After the wagon ride, we piled back in the car, and drove closer to the playground... I love this perfect fall picture of Nathan tossing some leaves up in the air.

I cannot believe how many wonderful parks there are in Saint Louis, and Suson Park is only 2 miles from my house! They just built this new playground last summer and Nathan calls it the CHOO CHOO playground because there is a train on it.

Nathan climbing the rock wall...

Going down the slide

Standing and swinging

Holding Sissy down the slide... Ok, this is so cute and sweet- there was another boy Nathan's age that called Autumn HIS 'little sissy', and Nathan came over and said to him, "NOOO NOO SHE IS MY SISSY, MINE YOU HEAR!!!?" It was so precious, I guess he really does love Autumn afterall. (Even though he never wants to share with her!) heheh!

The last thing we did was get on the swings... Nathan is a pro at the big boy swing now.

Autumn's LOVES to swing, too, she giggles the entire time

Nathan loves to push Sissy

What a perfect day... and, you know what else is great about fresh air? It knocks the kids out, so bed time was a snap tonight!

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