Curly Crafty Mom: November 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Autumn's new 'pink' ride

There are some mothers that read my blog that have a child around Autumn's age, so I wanted to take the time to review some of Autumn's birthday gifts. Since it was 68 degrees outside today (seriously, where is the cold weather?), we decided to take Autumn's new 'pink' car for a test drive. Uncle Jeff/Aunt Tracy were kind enough to gift Autumn with her own push car, and what is nice about this gift is that it entertains BOTH of my kids... how, you may ask? Well, Nathan pushes and Autumn rides! And, me? Well, I shoot photos or I just walk and enjoy some piece and quiet while both kids are entertained... which, makes for quite a nice walk. Thanks Jeff/Tracy!

(Oh, and, it is great for the indoors, too, it is a quiet ride and the kids love to climb in/climb out and play with the hood.)

Nathan pushing his Sissy. See? Great, great toy! And, what is even greater is, there is no way in heck Nathan wants to be seen riding in a pink car out in public... so, there is no fighting over who rides! (Ha, but inside the house, it is another story on who gets to ride!)

Autumn smiles so big when she gets to ride in her comfy car

She may only be 1, but she knows what that steering wheel is for!

Of course, we had to stop and check out some crispy leaves

Blowing raspberries as she looks at the leaves... notice her necklace? I got her some play jewelery for her birthday and she loves the necklaces. She can even put the necklace on and take it off of herself.


Nathan and his leaf

Nathan wanted to give his Pixars and trains a ride, too!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Autumn's first ER visit

See this lovely cracked spoon from Target's dollar spot?


I will never forget the first time we took Nathan to the ER, and I doubt I will ever forget taking Autumn to the ER today.

Autumn had just woken from her nap, and I had her strapped in her high chair while I was getting the food ready. We are having such a hard time with getting Nathan to eat his meals lately at the table. He asked me for sea shells (cheese noodles), but then after I made it, he wouldn't even take a bite of it. Of course, I set his bowl aside and without me even seeing it, Autumn grabbed his spoon out of his bowl from off of the table. She was banging it on the tray to her booster chair, and next thing I knew, there was a piece missing out of Nathan's spoon. I freaked out and checked her mouth, then her tray, the floor... and I could not find the piece that had chipped off the spoon!

So, of course, I called the doctor, thinking they would tell me it would pass out of her system. Nope, not my luck, since it was a sharp piece and not rounded, they told me to take her to the ER. Also, sometimes the foreign objects can land up in their lungs, so they told me to take her in as a precaution. I wasn't even sure if she had swallowed it or not, but... off we all went to the ER.

Well, long story short, they did an x-ray, her lungs are fine, and they did not see anything in the x-ray. So, if she did indeed swallow it, it will be passing in 3-4 days... As the doctor put it, if you can swallow it, then it can find its way back out. Lovely... Well, its bright purple, I am sure it'll be easy to spot. She said they have seen kids swallow everything- from glass, tacks, nails to even small light bulbs. Yes, just lovely... Now I feel super paranoid, ugh! :(

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My Thankfuls and Thanksgiving at Jeff and Tracy's

Happy Thanksgiving (one day late)!

This year I am thankful for...

A loving husband that gives great back massages and that always makes sure that we have milk in the fridge for my chocolate milk addition

Two healthy and loving kids... they may empty my energy level each day, but they fill my heart back up with love

My family and friends who I can always depend on

Having a job, house, good health and my calico kitty that adores me!

My brother and his wife had us over for lunch on Thanksgiving, and the food was delightful!

Here is Jeff's turkey in the oven, ready to be devoured

Jeff with the turkey

My mom gave Jeff a break from the kitchen and cut the turkey for him

Autumn was festive at the table with her 'Gobble it up' bib on.

We also celebrated my mom's 60th birthday one day late with a fantastic sunflower cake from Whipt Cream. (Don't worry, we also had pumpkin pie!)

Speaking of pumpkin pie...

Tracy had the house decorated for Christmas and had beautiful red bows everywhere, the tree was up and it was very festive. Here is Jeff and Tracy by the tree.

All of us

Nathan and Autumn by the tree... Nathan spotted a wiener mobile ornament on wheels, and he put it back in the tree in a very special and precise spot. He told Tracy not to take the tree down before he comes back, which was too funny!

Jeff and Autumn... Autumn trying to escape before getting snatched. heheh!

Tracy snatches little Autumn and she lets her know that she wants down NOW!! You know why?

Because Autumn found out that Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tracy don't have locks on ANY of their cabinets! No wonder why she is smiling so big!

She is having so much fun she is trying to open two drawers at once in this picture.

Ohhh, wow, lots of things for me to pull out. If only Mom would go away so I could do what I want!!

Yeah, she is having wayyyy too much fun.

Nathan hugging Sissy

Thanks for having us over Jeff and Tracy! The food was delicious, Jeff has really become quite the chef!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday to my Mom!

Happy 60th birthday, Mom! You have always been there for me when I've needed you, you have more patience then anyone I know... and, thank you for being the perfect Grandma to Nathan and Autumn! We all love you very much! I will never forget all the fun we had while I was on maternity leave last year this time... here is a photo I found of you giving Autumn her first bottle with my milk. Of course, Nathan had to help...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Happenings in Red Bud, Illinois

Every year we drive over to Red Bud, Illinois to attend their Holiday Happenings/Deerfest the weekend before Thanksgiving. Of course, last year we missed it because Miss Autumn made her appearance the day before. The weather was so mild that I didn't even wear a jacket and the kids wore their light jackets. Not bad for the end of November!

Here we are... waiting for Santa

Santa arrives!

While waiting in line for Santa, they had a lady blowing up balloon's for the kids. Nathan is showing off his airplane (which, should I add, we popped the propellor at home and he cried and cried begging to go back to Red Bud for another propellor... SIGH!).

Autumn got a pink flower balloon

Waiting in line for Santa

Sweet baby girl

Autumn loves to be outside, she did not fuss once the entire day

Every year we walk over to the Lutheran gradeschool because they have a craft show... and every year I find something really cute for my house... Isn't this turkey the cutest thing ever? They had a Mr. and Mrs. one and my mom bought me the Mr.!! The lady was selling these things left and right and they were only $9.50! A steal in my opinion! The year before last I got a toad house and the year prior to that I got this cute jar snow globe. There is always something unique! One of these years I need to take photos of all of my craft finds and do a blog post on it.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Autumn's 1st Birthday

Today my baby girl turned 1 and although it was an incredibly busy day, I still had time to remember how this day was last year when we welcomed her into the world. She has changed so much since then, from a baby that nursed quite often and was totally dependent on me to a little bundle of energy that loves to climb, point and dance. She may be a toddler now, but, she is still and always will be my sweet baby girl. I love you, Auttiewattiepotty!!

The day started off with me taking Autumn for her first year appointment, which I will elaborate on more later. Then, we drove out to Chesterfield to get her beautiful one of a kind cake. Finally, it was party time! Here are some pictures from the day...

Autumn crawling to the door

and she gets excited when she sees the first guests arrive! Grandma and pa Heaton!

All of us with the precious birthday girl

The food... we just had a simple afternoon party with a veggie tray, chips, cake and homemade vanilla and chocolate icecream. It was a stress-free party!

For the favors, I ordered these adorable brown and pink bows from Prissy Miss Boutique. Soooo cute! And, they went great with Autumn's brown and pink polka dot themed party.

Here are all of the favors

Of course, Nathan was the only boy at the party, so he scored a Diesel 10 trackmaster train for his favor

Another photo of him with Diesel 10

Here I am with the birthday girl

And with my two kiddos that I love dearly

Some of Autumn's gifts

Autumn getting up on her chair

Since cake is messy, we decided to open gifts first, before Autumn could cover herself in chocolate cake. Of course, she can't just sit on the chair, she has to climb it.

Autumn got a lot of gifts, I plan to write another blog post about some of her favorite toys later this week.

Autumn got quite a few dolls

And, she loved the jewelry box I made her

Uncle Jeff and Tracy won the prize of bringing the biggest gift which was taller then Miss Autumn

Autumn says THANK YOU for all her gifts!

Here is Autumn's cake from Whipt Cream... and, it turned out perfect! Its a mini-me of Autumn. Of course, she is made out of rice krisipies (unlike my daughter).

Closeup of Autumn

Look at how much detail they put into Autumn's toes

And, I love this part of the mini-Auttie. She is wearing a diaper under the tutu! Hee! What a perfect cake for a perfect girl!

Here is a closeup of the fondant

Closeup of Autumn's smash cupcake

Us with Autumn and her cake

Autumn and her cake

First, Autumn pulls the number 1 off of her cupcake

Checking it out

She gets a little bit of icing on her finger

YUM!! She loved her cake! I did have to break it up a bit for her before she'd eat it.

Happy Birthday, Autumn!

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