Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's new 'pink' ride

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Autumn's new 'pink' ride

There are some mothers that read my blog that have a child around Autumn's age, so I wanted to take the time to review some of Autumn's birthday gifts. Since it was 68 degrees outside today (seriously, where is the cold weather?), we decided to take Autumn's new 'pink' car for a test drive. Uncle Jeff/Aunt Tracy were kind enough to gift Autumn with her own push car, and what is nice about this gift is that it entertains BOTH of my kids... how, you may ask? Well, Nathan pushes and Autumn rides! And, me? Well, I shoot photos or I just walk and enjoy some piece and quiet while both kids are entertained... which, makes for quite a nice walk. Thanks Jeff/Tracy!

(Oh, and, it is great for the indoors, too, it is a quiet ride and the kids love to climb in/climb out and play with the hood.)

Nathan pushing his Sissy. See? Great, great toy! And, what is even greater is, there is no way in heck Nathan wants to be seen riding in a pink car out in public... so, there is no fighting over who rides! (Ha, but inside the house, it is another story on who gets to ride!)

Autumn smiles so big when she gets to ride in her comfy car

She may only be 1, but she knows what that steering wheel is for!

Of course, we had to stop and check out some crispy leaves

Blowing raspberries as she looks at the leaves... notice her necklace? I got her some play jewelery for her birthday and she loves the necklaces. She can even put the necklace on and take it off of herself.


Nathan and his leaf

Nathan wanted to give his Pixars and trains a ride, too!

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