Curly Crafty Mom: Santa with the kids

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Santa with the kids

Believe it or not, I am not the only mother dragging their kids to get their picture taken with Santa before Thanksgiving... there are many benefits, such as the mall isn't too packed yet with holiday shoppers AND we walked right up to Santa (as in, no line!). However, I bought an adorable Pottery Barn Kids frame for Nathan and Autumn and it displays a wallet photo in it for every month of their first year, and I needed an 11 month photo before Autumn's birthday party this Saturday. So, since Nathan's frame has a Santa photo, I thought it'd be great to do a Santa photo in Autumn's frame.

So, Santa scared the socks off of Autumn, but, we did manage a cute photo of both of them looking quite nervous on Santa's lap. (Actually, Autumn is on my lap, but I am cropped out! heheh) Nathan always gives the same expression for these Santa/Easter Bunny photos!

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