Curly Crafty Mom: My Thankfuls and Thanksgiving at Jeff and Tracy's

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thankfuls and Thanksgiving at Jeff and Tracy's

Happy Thanksgiving (one day late)!

This year I am thankful for...

A loving husband that gives great back massages and that always makes sure that we have milk in the fridge for my chocolate milk addition

Two healthy and loving kids... they may empty my energy level each day, but they fill my heart back up with love

My family and friends who I can always depend on

Having a job, house, good health and my calico kitty that adores me!

My brother and his wife had us over for lunch on Thanksgiving, and the food was delightful!

Here is Jeff's turkey in the oven, ready to be devoured

Jeff with the turkey

My mom gave Jeff a break from the kitchen and cut the turkey for him

Autumn was festive at the table with her 'Gobble it up' bib on.

We also celebrated my mom's 60th birthday one day late with a fantastic sunflower cake from Whipt Cream. (Don't worry, we also had pumpkin pie!)

Speaking of pumpkin pie...

Tracy had the house decorated for Christmas and had beautiful red bows everywhere, the tree was up and it was very festive. Here is Jeff and Tracy by the tree.

All of us

Nathan and Autumn by the tree... Nathan spotted a wiener mobile ornament on wheels, and he put it back in the tree in a very special and precise spot. He told Tracy not to take the tree down before he comes back, which was too funny!

Jeff and Autumn... Autumn trying to escape before getting snatched. heheh!

Tracy snatches little Autumn and she lets her know that she wants down NOW!! You know why?

Because Autumn found out that Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tracy don't have locks on ANY of their cabinets! No wonder why she is smiling so big!

She is having so much fun she is trying to open two drawers at once in this picture.

Ohhh, wow, lots of things for me to pull out. If only Mom would go away so I could do what I want!!

Yeah, she is having wayyyy too much fun.

Nathan hugging Sissy

Thanks for having us over Jeff and Tracy! The food was delicious, Jeff has really become quite the chef!

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