Curly Crafty Mom: December 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Year Resolutions

Last year, I only had 1 New Year resolution, and it was to start blogging... on January 7th I started blogging and I haven't turned back... I didn't have any other resoltions, because I was a mother to 2 month old and I didn't have time to think of any others! ;o)-

So, this year I have already begun to think about my resoltions, and here is my list...

(1) Ok, maybe I can blame it on having kids, or that my metabolism is not as good as it used to be... but, I really, really hope to get back to my prepregnancy weight this year as I am 10 lbs over my normal weight. My goal? I want to start to count my daily calories, eat healthier, cut out sweets and snacking, and work out more often. Sure, it won't be fun, but I really need to get back in shape :o(- I also want to eat healthy meals and if I do have a snack, I want it to be a healthy snack. It seems I do great at work, I have a healthy breakfast and lunch, but as soon as I get home I eat horribly... sigh.

(2) Reading - I hope to read more this year as it relaxes me.

(3) TV Shows - I'd love to get back into a couple of TV shows this year, as I haven't had much time to do this since kiddo #2

(4) Two front teeth - I chipped my two front teeth as a child and they are both bonded. I have had the bonding resurfaced a couple of times to freshen to look, and it seems one tooth is always slightly darker then the other and its drives me crazy! Its not that bad, but I can tell in photos... I would love to look into getting veneers (if this is possibly) so that the two teeth can match and I would also love to get all my teeth whitened. I have pretty good dental insurance that covers some of this, I just need to research costs and if I can even get veneers or if crowns (eek!) would be best. I have been wanting to look into this for a long time and have just put it off because, well, I hate dental work! Not fun! So, I need to force myself to do this...

(5) Clothes - Jeremi and I have money we pull from our paychecks each week that is our own personal "fun" money. I always spend mine on the kids, and I would like to start spending some of it on myself for a change. I feel like I would like to be a bit more stylish as in wearing drseses and skirts more often, having some nicer clothes... or shoes... I just feel so like a MOM and would love to feel more like... who I was before I was a mom. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I bought myself a bra, the last bra I got, Jeremi bought me! And, that was before we had kids! Yes, its a nice Victoria Secret bra, but seriously... even my undergarments suck! Hmmm, I have no idea why I just shared that. ha ;o)-

And, I am keeping it at 5, as I know I'll be lucky if I nail one of these 5 resoltions down. :o)-

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at my parents house

My mom/dad invited us over to her house on Christmas afternoon to enjoy some great food and to open gifts. Of course, the food was great and what is even greater is my mom always gives us lots and lots of leftovers.

My mom with Nathan

Me with Nathan

Nathan in an Amazon box (Santa uses Amazon?!)

Autumn in the Amazon box

What a great and fun day!

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Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house, and it was nice because we did not need to be at my Mom's until 2 pm, so we actually had time to open gifts slowly and relax. I made a fantastic Christmas egg and sausage casserole on Christmas Eve night, and then you place it in the oven on Christmas morning. It was delicious, and I also bought a pan of cinnamon rolls to place in the oven to go with it. It was easy and so tasty...

We went to church on Christmas Eve, and it was crowded and we landed up sitting in the middle of the church with the kids. The service was long and the kids were, well... lets just say it was a bit stressful since we couldn't sneak in and out like we can if we sit in the back. Then, after the service, we went over to my FIL's house, and for some reason... my FIL always gets the BEST Christmas gifts... well, two years. On Nathan's 2nd Christmas, he got Nathan the Shake N Go cars and racetrack, and... it was a HUGE hit. Then, this Christmas, he got Nathan a battery powered motorcycle... Nathan was WOW'ed by it. So WOW'ed by it, that it was driving around inside our house this morning! Sigh... ;o)-

So, on Christmas Eve, we set all the gifts out under the tree, including the stockings. Aren't the PBK santa bags AWESOME? I thought so myself.

So, of course... before we could even open gifts, Nathan had to take a ride on the bike. Thank goodness it only goes 2-3 mph. heheh

Then Nathan and Autumn opened their stockings...

Autumn got this really neat stacker thingy, she loves to stack things right now

Nathan was so excited about his motorcycle that he wore his helmet the entire time he unwrapped gifts

Autumn got really into unwrapping the gifts. I remember last Christmas she was just a little blob, sleeping away in the bouncy chair while we opened gifts around her. This Christmas meant so much more to her... and, just wait till next Christmas!

Autumn with her babydoll

The only photo I have of the kids together on Christmas...

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Christmas Eve Cookies

Every Christmas Eve, I bake cookies for Santa Claus, and Nathan helps me... of course, we worked on the cookies during Autumn's nap, because it is just SO much easier...

This year... we made MONSTER cookies, which have chocolate chips, M&M's, peanut butter and oatmeal in them. You can also add raisins, but, ick, I am not a raisin fan.

Nathan was such a big help, I would tell him what ingredient I needed, and he'd fetch them for me from off of the table.

Of course, he also sampled the ingredients

Yum, yum... while we waited for the cookies to bake, we tracked Santa on Google

The cookies were delicious!

Then, after church, we set out some cookies for Santa with some milk. BUT...

as I was reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', Autumn snatched one of Santa's cookies!

Nathan tried to remind Autumn that she had taken one of Santa's cookies, and he was going to be mad, but she just kept chowing down on that lovely cookie.

Of course, Nathan noticed that Santa comes into the house through the chimney in the book and asked me how Santa would get in our house since we don't have a chimney. UMMM, since when do 3.5 year olds ask questions like that? Seriously, I was not expecting it and it sort of threw me for a loop. I told him, well, Santa comes in through our attic... yeah, our attic. Of course, Nathan wanted to see the attic door. Then, Nathan said, ohhh, so that is why he lands his sleigh on the roof... haha.

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Elfie's Last Visit on Christmas Eve

Well, Elfie decided it was time to pay his last visit to our home on Christmas Eve.

Elfie is known for, well, making messes at our house... not that he means to... but, well, Elves are just messy by character.

3.5 year olds can be quite messy, too.

Nathan has been getting more and more into play dough, and coloring... its about time! Elfie left Nathan some play dough with Christmas molds and cutters. Of course, we found a train mold in the box!

Nathan's Polar Express

Autumn's snowman

Momma's tree

I am not going to lie, Autumn, Miss 'If you put it in front of me, I am going to eat it.' ate some play dough. It was a small, small piece... but, the funniest part was, she then wanted to offer ME some play dough? Uhh, NO THANKS.

Cute little hands working the play dough

What a fun Christmas Eve activity! I think I may just have Elfie bring these same Christmas cutters/molds with brand new play dough every Christmas Eve!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elf on the Shelf Sightings

Well, I have decided to post the rest of the Elf on the Shelf sightings in one blog post, since I haven't been blogging as much as I would like... Elfie's last visit is tomorrow, so I may have to do one final blog post after this one, but... here are photos of most of his visits.

I hope Nathan doesn't get too upset tomorrow, since it will be Elfie's last day with us until next year, but he really has helped encouraged Nathan to be on Santa's 'good' list.

Elfie brings a book about himself to our home

Elfie in the pantry, holding a chocolate chip cookie that I had leftover from Joanie's Pizza

Nathan with his cookie

Elfie in the BATHROOM!

Nathan notices the bathroom door is shut, and there is a candycane on the knob... hmmm? Elfie?

Bathroom is decorated with candycanes everywhere!


Of course, what does Nathan say? Mom, why did Elfie put raisins in my potty? I had to explain to him that Elfie's poo raisins... No more questions were asked after that, although Nathan demanded to flush the raisins down the big toilet NOW! heheh

Elfie even brought Autumn a small gift

I got these wooden binoculars from a lady at work for my White Elephant gift, it was a total riot! She got them at Lowes in the clearance bin. Anyway, I decided to take them home and I had Elfie bring them to Nathan so that he knew Santa was watching him! Well, of course, Nathan asked lots of questions like, HOW in the WORLD did Elfie carry these to our house? They are HEAVY! And, why are they dirty? (there is scratches on the sides of them). I love the questions he has been asking!

And, just today... Elfie was spotted on the ceiling fan! And, what else is up there? Is it a trackmaster train? Elfie thought Nathan was being SO good that he took a gift out of Santa's bag for Nathan, 2 days early!

Of course, Elfie used a ladder to get up there!

Nathan looking at his train.

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Five Little Snowmen Handprint Ornament

When Nathan was 18 months, I found the cutest ornament idea online, where you take white paint and press their hand down on a clear ball ornament. Then, you decorate the fingers of the hand as little snowmen! It is such a precious keepsake and I made tons of them for family and friends... so, of course, this year, I decided to do the same ornament but with Autumn's 12 month handprint!

I found a ton of cute chinese boxes at work, so I decided to put Autumn's ornament inside the box with some padding. So cute! Perfect for storage!

This is a little poem that goes with the ornament

Here is Autumn's (top) and Nathan's (bottom) handprint ornaments hanging on the tree next to each other- such a cute keepsake to hand down to them someday!

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Wordless Wednesday

After lots of practice, Nathan wrote his name on the DoodlePro

Autumn WALKING - so precious

Nathan with the White Elephant gift that I got at work. Elfie brought it one morning, letting Nathan know that Santa is watching him!

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