Curly Crafty Mom: 2009 Professional Christmas Photos

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Professional Christmas Photos

Today I took the kids to JCPenney's for their 2009 Christmas photos, and I was really pleased with their Christmas setup in the room. I have always taken the kids (and, when it was just Nathan) to Portrait Innovations, but lately I have been really pleased with JCPenney's. I am pleased because (1) 5 minutes from my house and (2) Love their free sitting fees and $3.99 a sheet coupons that they always have on their site. I bought a ton of sheets AND a package of Christmas cards and it only took $61 out of my pocketbook. Not bad. (Especially since I spent an arm and a leg at Sears a few months ago to get Autumn's matted frame to match Nathan's. hee!)

So, I always hate the morning of pictures... I left the house to go Christmas shopping at 8pm last night (had to wait for the kids to be in bed) and I didn't get in till midnight. I went to the mall, Old Navy, Michaels, Target, and Kohls. I must say I am 100% DONE with my Christmas shopping now... WHEW!

OH, back to this morning... Well, Autumn has never had a set nap schedule, and it seems the earlier she gets up in the morning, the earlier she takes her 1 nap of the day. I start putting her to bed at 7pm and she is out by 7:30pm. She sleeps all night now, but wakes between 5:00 and 6:30am, and I am always up at 5am so that is ok. HOWEVER, this morning she woke up at 4:45am! And, I was screwed! Thankfully Jeremi got up with her, but I knew she'd be SO tired by the 9:10am photo appointment, and she was because she fell asleep on the 5 minute drive to get there!!

Long story short, Nathan did GREAT (he always does!) and Autumn was... not so great. But, we did get photos of both kids by themselves, but Autumn refused to get her photo taken by Nathan. So, thankfully JCPenney's has these great Christmas cards where you can put two photos on one card! So, Nathan and Autumn are in their own little ornaments... I will post a picture after I mail the cards out as I don't want to ruin too much of the surprise. THANK GOODNESS they could do the 2 photo cards, or I would have been stuck trying to take a photo of the two at home by our tree, which, would have made for one crabby mom as I know I'd never get them to cooperate. So, yay to getting AT LEAST good shots of them by themselves!

Oh, and here are the photos... they are itty bitty.

First Nathan, because he was so well behaved. This is my favorite shot of him! BTW, yes, yes, both kids are sporting Gymboree.

Handsome closeup

Two more shots

Miss Autumn wearing a beautiful Gymboree dress, the Panda polka dot line... Its black velvet (so soft!) with white polka dots and a red bow around the waist. I also got her the cutest matching red ruffle socks and she has black patent leather shoes on. I got her a matching corker from Gymboree (sorry, Kaycee, but it matched so well!) and its on one of Kaycee's white headbands she made for me... SO CUTE!!!!!!! She is smiling in this photo but you can't tell because its so ITTY BITTY. I am thankful for one good pose.

She looks so tall here and grown up

Yeah, we all know THIS face... stinker!

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