Curly Crafty Mom: Another fantastic party at Uncle Jeff and Tracy's house.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another fantastic party at Uncle Jeff and Tracy's house.

Yesterday I took the kids over to my brother's and SIL's house for a Christmas party that they were throwing for the kids. The house was full of good eats, beautiful decorations and lots of good cheer!

Of course, the first thing I must always do is... check out the cake! And, wow, it is the best cake so far! So beautiful and I love the snowman outside the gingerbread house.

My brother made a roast in a nifty crockpot that he bought that has a temperature gage built in and it stops cooking the roast after it hits the right temperature. Now, isn't that handy or what? The roast was DELICIOUS... seriously the best roast I have ever had... They also had these mini crockpots- 3 of them together on one cooking unit and he had the cut up roast in the first pot, veggies which included carrot, mini baked potatoes and mushrooms, and the last pot had hot dogs for the kids. We also had a spinach strawberry salad with poopyseed dressing that I made, a brocolli casserole, greenbean casserole, mashed potatoes, bread... oh, and besides the gingerbread cake we had cookies, fruit, veggie tray, shot glass cheesecake desserts and pumpkin pie! After losing a few pounds from not having a refrigerator for a week (didn't post about that but our fridge of 6 years died), I gained it all back at the party! Ha!! Here is Jeff cutting the cake... the gingerbread cookies on the roof were to die for...

Uncle Jeff and Tracy purchased a Polar Express train set with tracks and Nathan was in heaven. Jeff had to put it away briefly for the snowman craft that I brought, and Nathan turned to him and said, "What are you DOING?!!!?" Haha!! Poor Nathan! Of course, Jeff put it back together for him later... and, he has been asking me over and over when we are going back over to Uncle Jeff's and Aunt Tracy's so he can play trains. ha.

Kelley had some wonderful games for the kids

Autumn with a jingle bell. Her hair is just a little mess lately, I cannot wait for it to grow out a little more...

Here we are working on the snowmen!! I must say, the snowmen stayed together quite nicely, because the kids were throwing and banging them around at first, and I must say, I was quite excited because they did not bust open! Yay! That means I did a great job at gluing them together on the bottom so that the rice did not pour out. Yay to that. lol!

Nathan gluing pom poms on his snowman

Here is a few of the snowmen that were built

Thanks Jeff and Tracy for having us over!

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