Curly Crafty Mom: Christmas Morning

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house, and it was nice because we did not need to be at my Mom's until 2 pm, so we actually had time to open gifts slowly and relax. I made a fantastic Christmas egg and sausage casserole on Christmas Eve night, and then you place it in the oven on Christmas morning. It was delicious, and I also bought a pan of cinnamon rolls to place in the oven to go with it. It was easy and so tasty...

We went to church on Christmas Eve, and it was crowded and we landed up sitting in the middle of the church with the kids. The service was long and the kids were, well... lets just say it was a bit stressful since we couldn't sneak in and out like we can if we sit in the back. Then, after the service, we went over to my FIL's house, and for some reason... my FIL always gets the BEST Christmas gifts... well, two years. On Nathan's 2nd Christmas, he got Nathan the Shake N Go cars and racetrack, and... it was a HUGE hit. Then, this Christmas, he got Nathan a battery powered motorcycle... Nathan was WOW'ed by it. So WOW'ed by it, that it was driving around inside our house this morning! Sigh... ;o)-

So, on Christmas Eve, we set all the gifts out under the tree, including the stockings. Aren't the PBK santa bags AWESOME? I thought so myself.

So, of course... before we could even open gifts, Nathan had to take a ride on the bike. Thank goodness it only goes 2-3 mph. heheh

Then Nathan and Autumn opened their stockings...

Autumn got this really neat stacker thingy, she loves to stack things right now

Nathan was so excited about his motorcycle that he wore his helmet the entire time he unwrapped gifts

Autumn got really into unwrapping the gifts. I remember last Christmas she was just a little blob, sleeping away in the bouncy chair while we opened gifts around her. This Christmas meant so much more to her... and, just wait till next Christmas!

Autumn with her babydoll

The only photo I have of the kids together on Christmas...

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