Curly Crafty Mom: Elf on the Shelf Sightings

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elf on the Shelf Sightings

Well, I have decided to post the rest of the Elf on the Shelf sightings in one blog post, since I haven't been blogging as much as I would like... Elfie's last visit is tomorrow, so I may have to do one final blog post after this one, but... here are photos of most of his visits.

I hope Nathan doesn't get too upset tomorrow, since it will be Elfie's last day with us until next year, but he really has helped encouraged Nathan to be on Santa's 'good' list.

Elfie brings a book about himself to our home

Elfie in the pantry, holding a chocolate chip cookie that I had leftover from Joanie's Pizza

Nathan with his cookie

Elfie in the BATHROOM!

Nathan notices the bathroom door is shut, and there is a candycane on the knob... hmmm? Elfie?

Bathroom is decorated with candycanes everywhere!


Of course, what does Nathan say? Mom, why did Elfie put raisins in my potty? I had to explain to him that Elfie's poo raisins... No more questions were asked after that, although Nathan demanded to flush the raisins down the big toilet NOW! heheh

Elfie even brought Autumn a small gift

I got these wooden binoculars from a lady at work for my White Elephant gift, it was a total riot! She got them at Lowes in the clearance bin. Anyway, I decided to take them home and I had Elfie bring them to Nathan so that he knew Santa was watching him! Well, of course, Nathan asked lots of questions like, HOW in the WORLD did Elfie carry these to our house? They are HEAVY! And, why are they dirty? (there is scratches on the sides of them). I love the questions he has been asking!

And, just today... Elfie was spotted on the ceiling fan! And, what else is up there? Is it a trackmaster train? Elfie thought Nathan was being SO good that he took a gift out of Santa's bag for Nathan, 2 days early!

Of course, Elfie used a ladder to get up there!

Nathan looking at his train.

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