Curly Crafty Mom: My New Year Resolutions

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Year Resolutions

Last year, I only had 1 New Year resolution, and it was to start blogging... on January 7th I started blogging and I haven't turned back... I didn't have any other resoltions, because I was a mother to 2 month old and I didn't have time to think of any others! ;o)-

So, this year I have already begun to think about my resoltions, and here is my list...

(1) Ok, maybe I can blame it on having kids, or that my metabolism is not as good as it used to be... but, I really, really hope to get back to my prepregnancy weight this year as I am 10 lbs over my normal weight. My goal? I want to start to count my daily calories, eat healthier, cut out sweets and snacking, and work out more often. Sure, it won't be fun, but I really need to get back in shape :o(- I also want to eat healthy meals and if I do have a snack, I want it to be a healthy snack. It seems I do great at work, I have a healthy breakfast and lunch, but as soon as I get home I eat horribly... sigh.

(2) Reading - I hope to read more this year as it relaxes me.

(3) TV Shows - I'd love to get back into a couple of TV shows this year, as I haven't had much time to do this since kiddo #2

(4) Two front teeth - I chipped my two front teeth as a child and they are both bonded. I have had the bonding resurfaced a couple of times to freshen to look, and it seems one tooth is always slightly darker then the other and its drives me crazy! Its not that bad, but I can tell in photos... I would love to look into getting veneers (if this is possibly) so that the two teeth can match and I would also love to get all my teeth whitened. I have pretty good dental insurance that covers some of this, I just need to research costs and if I can even get veneers or if crowns (eek!) would be best. I have been wanting to look into this for a long time and have just put it off because, well, I hate dental work! Not fun! So, I need to force myself to do this...

(5) Clothes - Jeremi and I have money we pull from our paychecks each week that is our own personal "fun" money. I always spend mine on the kids, and I would like to start spending some of it on myself for a change. I feel like I would like to be a bit more stylish as in wearing drseses and skirts more often, having some nicer clothes... or shoes... I just feel so like a MOM and would love to feel more like... who I was before I was a mom. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I bought myself a bra, the last bra I got, Jeremi bought me! And, that was before we had kids! Yes, its a nice Victoria Secret bra, but seriously... even my undergarments suck! Hmmm, I have no idea why I just shared that. ha ;o)-

And, I am keeping it at 5, as I know I'll be lucky if I nail one of these 5 resoltions down. :o)-

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