Curly Crafty Mom: Our gift to Autumn for her birthday.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our gift to Autumn for her birthday.

It is so hard to think of ideas for gifts for Autumn, because her birthday and Christmas are back to back, and we have so many babyish toys leftover from Nathan.

If you saw my blog post about the pink push car, I must say... once again... I LOVE that thing! I got home from work today after I was stuck in an hour long traffic jam, and I needed to put a few things away and start dinner. Autumn loves the car so much, she can get herself in it now. I buckled her in and Nathan pushed her around the house, for 30 MINUTES! I got so much done... seriously, if I am not holding Autumn, she is getting into things, crawling out of my site... it is so hard to get simple things done, but not today thanks to her new pink ride! I needed that small break tonight.

Now, here is a photo that will give you a HINT on what we purchased for Miss Autumn for her 1st birthday...

Hmmm, any guesses?

Disney Princess Ball Pit. This thing is HUGE, and I wanted a huge ball pit so it would fit both kids. It even has a spiral slide in the middle where the kids can put balls into the top and they slide out of a hole in the bottom. Of course, look at how many balls they have crammed into it in this photo? Yeah, its a bit stopped up. Autumn loves her ball pit... but, oh, what a mess it makes. Of course, I read the reviews on it, and most of them said to buy more balls. More balls I did buy... Are these parents crazy?! I should have been happy with the 50 balls it came with, isn't 50 balls enough to put back in 20 times a night? (No, really, I am not kidding.) But, the kids love it, so that is all that matters. And thank goodness I can deflate it in time when they get tired of it...

Here is Nathan in the ball pit. See how there is hardly any balls in it now? Yeah, just GUESS where all the balls are... just guess? And, I need to clean the hardwood floors this weekend, I am guessing I am going to be finding lots of hidden balls.

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