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Monday, December 21, 2009


Autumn has been taking more and more steps lately, and I think that as of today she is actually walking... She will take a good 5 steps to me now without falling on her hiney. So cute!!! She gets so excited while she is walking, and she is doing more and more of it... Yay! Watch out Nathan, here she comes!

We spent last weekend in Kansas to celebrate Christmas with Jeremi's mom and Grandma. Nathan scored a Leapster, does anyone have any games that they'd suggest for it since he is 3.5? I know the games are not cheap for it, and I'd hate to waste money on a game if it is super lame. I scored new white sheets (oh I need them!) and a paper shredder (since I broke Jeremi's old one)... oh, and a DSW giftcard... boy, do I need some new work shoes. Autumn got pink mega blocks and the CUTEST plush My Little Pony doll that makes different noises when you put a paci, bottle or spoon in her mouth. Autumn gets confused over if the paci, bottle or spoon is hers or the dolls- its precious!! We also had breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes for the first time, and I must say, their breakfast includes the whole entire salad bar- and I love salad so YUM!

And, like mother like son... Nathan spilled an orange juice that was in a to-go coffee cup in the hotel and then I spilled over my drink at breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes. Such a messy morning.

Then, on the drive back from Kansas my car was packed full and Jeremi decided to put the Christmas tree that his mom made (yes, we took home a Christmas tree) in the front seat by me. Ummm, lets just say after a five hour drive home, my leg had some nice dents in it from all of the little branches poking at my leg.

I finally got the lotion the dermatologist suggested for my face that has been sort of blotchy since I have been pregnant... and after waiting for it to go away (and it hasn't) I brought it up at my mole checkup. She said I just needed to use a lotion with some lactic acid in it, and it should clear up within a few months. Fantastic! Its not all that bad, but its still annoying because its on my face and I want perfect clear skin dang it! ;o)- Its amazing how pregnancy changes your body!

I think I am ready for Christmas... I have all the gifts wrapped except one gift for Autumn... I did some surveys for a site and got two free Santa bags from Pottery Barn Kids, and they are HUGE! I am going to put all of the wrapped gifts in them on Christmas morning and since each bag has each of the kids names on it, there shouldn't be any confusion. Should be fun!

Elfie is still visiting our house... have more photos to share soon.

I saw New Moon recently with some friends, and... the book was much better. I must say the first movie (in my opinion) was much better then this second movie... there just seemed to be some cheesy parts in it, is it just me?

I was at the grocery store last night and I found a bottle of Ten Bucks, which I had at a local winery (Mount Pleasant) in Augusta. It usually sells for ten bucks but it was $8 and its usually popular this time of year since the bottle pictures ten deer (bucks). I love sweet white wines! Yum!!

I have spent way too much money on Zhu Zhu pets this month. I decided since Santa is already bringing Nathan so many nice gifts on Christmas, I am saving the Zhu Zhu's until Nathan's birthday as he will love the house and tunnels that they will roll around in... plus, I love to shop early and it will be something he can look forward to... but, if you haven't fallen into the zhu zhu craze yet, don't do it!!!

So glad its only a 3 day work week, well... only 2 more days left now! YAYYYYYYYY!

BTW, have I told you lately how much I still love Swagbucks? I have earned so many Amazon gift cards off of that site in the last year, its insane... as in over $200 worth!!! If you want to check it out, see my link below as I earn points if you sign up under me:

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