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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowman Sock Craft

I am attending a party at my brother and SIL's house this upcoming weekend, and I decided to make a craft for all of the kids to make at the party. I scratched my head over this craft because I wanted something unique and that would be fun for the kids to do with their parents help (especially since they are all 3 and under).

I found a really fun craft online where you turn a sock into a snowman. It was SO cute, and I thought what would be really fun is to take a picture of all of the snowmen together at the end of the party to see everyones creative styles.

I decided to make the snowmen myself, because it is a little messy since the bottom ball is rice... and, I knew we wouldn't have a lot of time at the party so just having the kids decorate their own snowman would be enough.

So, I am so excited to show you some photos...

The supplies... I purchased girl socks in size small, stuffing (poly-fill), rice, pom poms, pipe cleaners, glue and felt.

First step is stuffing the sock with poly-fill to make the head of the snowman. This will be the smallest ball of the snowman.

Then I stuffed the second ball of the snowman, and made it a medium sized ball.

Last, I stuffed the bottom of the snowman with 3/4 a cup of rice (I am not sure of the exact measurement because I just eye balled it since each snowman is slightly unique). The rice adds weight to the bottom of the snowman so he doesn't flop over. After that, I took white yarn and tied it tightly around each section to give more shape to the snowman.

Then I made two circles out of white posterboard using both sides of a Juicy Juice cup.

I cut the excess sock off, and then stuffed the smaller circle into the sock so that it keeps the rice in place. Then I glued the ends of the sock closed with glue.

Then I glued the bottom of the sock onto the bigger posterboard circle and let it dry for an hour or two.

WARNING: Be careful of the bottom of this craft with your kids. My son wanted to peel the bottom of the posterboard off, and if he were to do that, all of the rice would pour out. The glue does seal it well, but just be careful that they do not try to peel it off. If they do, you can always pour the rice back in and reseal it.

So, ta-da! Here is the decorated snowman on my buffet rack in all of his glory. My snowman is a little more complex then what the kids will probably do- as they will probably just do the face, nose, scarf and buttons... but, I just had to do earmuffs! You can even add arms onto the snowman with pipe cleaners or make a scarf out of yarn instead of felt by using several strands.

Such a fun craft!! I can't wait to see what the kids and their parents come up with. I made a snowman for each kid and it'll be fun to set them out so they can pick their own snowman to decorate (like I said, they are all are different sizes). And, it'll be fun for the adults to help them figure out what color eyes, scarf, buttons, etc. that they want to put on the snowman.

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