Curly Crafty Mom: January 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nathan works on his Valentine cards

Today Jeremi had to work and while Autumn napped we worked on his valentine cards. He doesn't really have anyone to give them to yet, but it was still a lot of fun. This is his third year of doing these with mom's help... although, this year he did it mostly on his own.

Here are some pictures that I took...

First, I have to post a picture of Autumn all bundled up in the swing. She is feeling much better!

Nathan is so excited to do valentine cards this year.

Nathan is getting into the box. My mom got these Thomas the Train valentines on clearance for 99 cents last year.

He looks so serious here! Nathan is looking at all of the valentine cards.

Nathan is so big this year and can rip the cards apart... ok, so I ripped them half way to make it easy on him.

Stacking the cards after he has ripped them

Coloring the cards to give them his special touch

Nathan loves to make dots with markers/crayons

This one is neat because he tried to loop the marker around each heart


Nathan with alllll his valentine cards

Nathan with the valentine cards after he decorated them

All of his cards

Nathan rarely likes to color but today he went to town on the Thomas coloring page that came with his valentine cards

This is the most Nathan has ever colored... I was so excited that I hung it on the fridge. He never colors the entire picture like he did here...

Friday, January 30, 2009

First bloggy award

My first blog award! Thanks, Mel!

Autumn's first cold

My mom told me the pictures of Autumn sleeping in the bassinet looked bad!! Thanks, mom! She asked why Autumn's mouth was open like she was mouth breathing. Well, it turns out that she has the nasty cold that Nathan and I have... so, that is why my beautiful girl looks sick in those bassinet pictures- because she was and I didn't realize it yet. I need to take some new ones once she is better. She woke up almost every hour last night, which is not like her. She also was coughing but not a hacking cough, just a normal cough. She seemed stuffed up but not to where she couldn't nurse. She still acted alert and smiley.

Then this morning she slept in her swing for three hours and that is sort of unusual for her to nap that long in the morning, especially because Nathan was home and he can be so loud. Well, I took her temperature and it was 99.6. Jeremi called the doctor and they suggested Tylenol drops. I nursed her and she slept another three hours in the swing. I woke her to feed her and her temp was 100.0. I decided to rush into Target with her (she slept the entire time) and get the Tylenol. She slept all evening in the swing. The doctor said its good for her to sit upright with all the drainage. Her temp is at 98.5 now so its much better. Poor girl. I am curious as to how she'll sleep tonight. I hate using the Little Noses on her and syringing her nose out. She gets huge tears everytime I do it.

Sooo... I think I am ready for Spring.

Nathan's snow truck

Nathan and I are still getting over our nasty colds. I have had this cold since last Sunday! Anyway, my mom has watched Nathan at her house the last few days so I can have some alone time with Autumn before I go back to work. My mom felt bad for Nathan because he can't go out and play in the snow because of his nasty cold. So, she did the neatest thing for him...she built him a SNOW TRUCK! It is so creative! She used tupperware bowls for the wheels, found a person and put it in for the driver, etc. I think its adorable! She can be so creative, I swear, she should have been a preschool or kindergarden teacher. Nathan just loved it. She built it on top of her patio table infront of the patio door so he can look out and see it as often as he wants to...

This one has the driver on it.

This one has a plastic lid for a windshield.

Snow man that they made in the tub so he could play with the snow inside

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleeping beauty

I took gobs of pictures of Nathan as a newborn, but not once did I snap a picture of him asleep in the bassinet in the early months. I have tons of pictures of him asleep in his crib and big boy bed, though. So, tonight, I took a couple of pictures of Autumn in the bassinet that is by our bed. I wish I had some pictures of Nathan to compare them to. Someone is Jeremi's family built the wooden bassinet by hand (I am not sure who, I should ask again), and the bumper pad and fitted sheets were Nathan's... that's why they are blue! I still swaddle her just at night... I think I will stop swaddling her around 4 months when I plan to move her to the crib. If not sooner.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now Nathan is sick......

Nathan woke up with my cold this morning... I felt so bad for him. He kept telling me he was not sick. He ate a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, then wanted two waffles an hour after that... then some Ritz crackers. So, at least he is eating!!! His nose is a faucet so I gave him some children's Benadryl but it really did not help dry it up. I am guessing his throat hurts like mine did. Around 10 am he said he did not want to be sick. Poor boy! I let him vedge infront of the tv and he laid on the couch and fell asleep. This is sooo not my Nathan, he is always on the go! So, I took a picture of my poor boy asleep on the couch. Jeremi took a half day at work to help out, and thank goodness he did because Autumn was a light napper and really fussy today! It's amazing how good of a day I had with them just the day before and then today was just so exhausting and stressful. Sigh. Tomorrow Nathan will go over to my parents house during the day since the roads are finally plowed.

Jeremi went to the store today and I told him to pick up a pacifier clip for Autumn. What a life saver!!! I cannot even mention how many times her pacifier falls on the floor each day! This will def. cut down on the germs. Here she is wearing it with her cute John Deere outfit on that Uncle Jeff got her for Christmas.

Nathan found out where I have all of his old toys/rattles hidden at in Autumn's room and he enjoyed playing with them. I sort of wish he hadn't found them, though, because now all his germs are on them with his cold! Blehh! He found Autumn's Fisher Price Laugh and Learn purse and took the fake dollar bill out and said, "buy Hot Wheel with this?" Smart boy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First snow

Today was the first heavy snowfall in Saint Louis and also Autumn's first snow day. My parents have been coming over on Mondays and Tuesdays to help me out while I've been on maternity leave but they couldn't make it today because of the weather. This was my second day alone with both kids and it went really well, infact, we had a lot of fun.

Every time we heard one of the huge snow plows go by our house, Nathan would run to the door to see it. He was so excited! I wish I could have gotten him out in the snow to play but I am getting over a nasty cold and plus then I would have to leave Autumn in the house alone during one of her naps and I was not comfortable with that. I told him that if Daddy got home from work early they could build a snowman together, but Nathan said, "Noooo! I want to build a snow CAR!" lol. He is just precious. Unfortuantly Dad got home reallly late because the roads were horrible... all I can say is thank goodness I am on maternity leave and did not have to drive in this mess...

Autumn is getting really good at holding rattles. I decided to take a picture of her holding two rattles. Of course, Nathan uses the drop down side on the crib to help aid him in taking things away from Autumn.

I packed up my maternity clothes today. I am so glad to get them out of my closet!! Its sort of sad, too, because Jeremi does not want another baby so I will probably never wear them again. I will probably hang onto them till I am 35 though, just incaseee.

Here are a few pictures from today...

This is the second time the snow plow came through... got a picture just for Nathan!

Autumn and her rattles!

Nathan trying to get the rattles from Autumn. They used to be HIS rattles.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling under the weather

Yesterday after we got back from doing the kids pictures, my nose started to run. Then, later in the day my throat started to hurt. Bleh! I just hate being sick. This is the second time I've been sick on my maternity leave, what a bummer. The ironic thing is that this week I am using up my banked sick days. Go figure!

So, I decided we'd stay home and skip story time today and plus its just so cold outside!! Brr! Tomorrow we are supposed to get 3-6" of snow so my mom may not be over to help. Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Belated Christmas pictures

Before Autumn was born on November 21st, I had already purchased her Christmas dress at Gymboree. I love that store, they have the cutest childrens clothing. I even got a coordinating sweater for Nathan to wear for their Christmas pictures. Well, she was born and Christmas had come and gone and we never made it to Portrait Innovations for the pictures. I just had her Valentine pics done last Friday so I wasn't sure if I'd still do them. I tried on her Christmas dress yesterday and it was just so precious on her but was getting dangerously short. She is a tall girl and the dress is 0-3 months. I decided to get their Christmas pictures done afterall, even though they are a month late, so I could have some pictures of Nathan and Autumn together and in the cute outfits I got them.

I got Nathan's pictures taken every month his first year so I could put a wallet from each month of him in this really neat frame I got at Pottery Barn Kids. I plan to do the same with Autumn but I want to keep it consistant with Nathan's frame (ie: Valentine pose, baptism outfit, etc.).

Next month I plan to do her baptism gown and it'll be free because Olan Mills gives you a free package for having a new baby if you come in before they are 3 months. This will be perfect since I don't need more then one pose of her in her baptism gown.

Anyway, here are the pictures from today... Nathan did so well, I so worried he would not cooperate but, wow, he loved the attention and was all smiles. Autumn on the other hand was fussy but we did get in some smiles. I was glad I did her Valentine pics last Friday because there was no way she would have been in the mood for an outfit change. So, it all worked out for the best.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

That is some loooong hair

Today was the first time I spent an entire day alone with just Nathan and Autumn. Usually my mom is over here helping me, or Nathan is at her house, or Jeremi is here with us. I have always spent a few hours alone with them each day, but never 8+ hours! Wow, all I kind say is I am lucky I've had so much help in the past.

Lets see... Autumn had a blow out that went through two layers of clothing and onto me. Then Nathan decides to help himself to an almost empty cereal box and scatters crumbs alll over the living room carpet. I get my vaccum out and hold Autumn while I vacuum it up. Meanwhile, Nathan had thrown a toy onto the couch and it was lost somewhere in the couch cushions so he starts flinging the cushions alll over the room. Then, its lunch time so I get Nathan in his booster chair and then Autumn starts to cry so oh why not breastfeed her and make Nathan's lunch (nothing hot!) at the same time. (I didn't eat till Jeremi got home from work.) Then, I get Autumn asleep in her swing and Nathan starts yelling that he wants me to turn the lights back on and to wake his sissy. Somehow she slept long enough for me to change his diaper. Then, my friend Becky calls and asks to come over to visit with Nathan and Autumn..I said YES! What a crazy day! It is so much work with two but I love them both so much.

While she was over I noticed how long her hair is...usually she wears it up. I told her that I bet her hair was as long as my son is tall. I was right and have a picture as proof!! Too funny! Why can't my hair grow like that!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Autumn's first photo session

The Picture People have a Valentine's special going on right now where you get 1 8x10 and 12 Valentine cards for $12. This is a total steal figuring their smallest package is $200ish or if you buy the photos individually its $18 per sheet. :O I went in thinking I'd only spend $12, but... Autumn did the most amazing job there! She smiled big and even held her head up high while laying on her belly. I got her this cute Valentine's outfit at Target for her to wear and I also did some poses of her naked in a ballerina tutu that my friend Katie made for her. SSSSOOOOO cute! So, of course, I bought 2 extra sheets at $18 each and spent a total of $51. I just knew if I had walked away from those adorable pictures I would have cried. I got 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 10 wallets and 12 Valentine cards.

Here is a preview of the ones I got:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scored free lotion today at Macy's!!

As most of you have probably heard, there was a cosmetic lawsuit and some of the cosmetic companies are giving away full size bottles of cosmetics because of it. They are handing these freebies out from Jan. 20-26th or until they run out. Only one freebie per person. Obviously they will run out soon.. today was the first day that I could venture to the mall to see if they had any left. I went to Dillard's first and they were all out. Then, I tried Macy's... they had a separate area for it and there was only one lady ahead of me in line. They said the first day there was hundreds in line. I had to print and sign my name. They had just two cosmetics left to pick from... Clinique Moisture Surge or Estee Lauder Night Lotion. I got the Clinique Moisture Surge, and its a full size bottle with retail of $34 regular!!!!!!! What a deal! So go now!!!! I went to the South County Mall Macy's. Here is a picture of what I got and a link with the info:

Free Makeup

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taking Autumn to work to show her off AND using leftover homemade playdough

Today I took Autumn to my work to show her off to my coworkers. I haven't seen any of them since Nov. 19th on my last day of work before my maternity leave!! I go back to work Feb. 12th and thought it'd be a good time to bring her up and to revisit. I work in corporate world so she got to see quite a few people down in the balcony. Everyone wanted to hold her and it was funny because anytime anyone blonde held her she'd cry for Mommy, but if someone with brown hair held her she was contempt. It was nice to see my coworkers again but it'll be sad when I do have to leave Autumn with my mom and return to work. I'm trying to enjoy every minute...

After I got home I fed Autumn and put her in the baby swing and she napped for an hour. I decided to put the leftover homemade playdough to good use!

I have this container of a hundred plastic cookie cutters that I got one year for Christmas.

I pulled out all of the vehicle cookie cutters and rolled the dough out and cut one of each.

Then, Nathan can paint them later and play with them. He loves cars, trucks, planes, etc. I also made extra trains so I can use them as favors for the kids for Nathan's birthday party in May since I plan to do a Thomas theme. I plan to paint them Thomas blue and then paint each kids name on them and put it on their favor bag. You could also make ornaments, paper weights, or magnets with these. Lots of possibilities!!

Anyway, I didn't want Autumn to miss out so I made a few heart shaped ones and I'll paint them and her name on them. This was so much fun!!! Who says you have to clean while the baby naps! ;) I would have had Nathan help me but my mom is watching him at her house today- but he will have so much fun painting them.

Here is all the shapes I made before I put them in the oven.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patty Cakes Craft - Part 1

Today we worked on pattycakes. These are handprints made with dried homemade play dough that is flattened out. My brother and I made these when we were little with our mom's help. I still have mine and will share a picture of it next week after we paint Nathan's and Autumn's.


We had a lot of fun making these today as you'll see in the pictures... Here is the recipe:

Small Batch
1 1/2 cups salt
1 1/2 cups water
4 cups flour

Large Batch
3 cups salt
3 cups water
8 cups flour

Mix together the salt and flour. Add the water a little bit at a time until a soft dough forms. Knead the dough until it becomes smooth. If the dough is too dry you can add small amounts of water at a time.

Preschoolers can help to make this simple salt dough. Have preschoolers help measure the ingredients and take turns pouring them into a bowl. Separate the dough into small amounts and allow each preschooler to knead together their portion. Allow preschoolers to experiment with the dough before creating a handprint.

What To Do
When the salt dough has been formed, preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Give each preschooler a small ball of clay. Show the preschoolers how to use a rolling pin to form a flat pancake-like shape. Flatten each ball of clay so that it is almost an inch thick. If the handprint is too thin it will crack after baking. Help each preschooler push their hand into the center of the dough to create a handprint. Use a dull knife, if desired, to create a smooth edge around the handprint.

Help preschoolers write their name in the dough beneath their handprint using a sharpened pencil. When preschoolers are satisfied with their handprint, cover a large cookie sheet with wax paper and gently place the salt dough handprints down on top. Bake for 30 minutes in the oven or until the dough hardens.

Allow the salt dough handprints to cool completely. Using a non-toxic tempera paint, let preschoolers paint their cooled handprint any way they like.


And, pictures!

The ingredients for making patty cake's is simple-- water, flour and salt.

Nathan did a good job with putting the flour in the bowl.

Autumn gets some flour on Nathan as he ducks for cover. Thaaat Sissy!!!!

Grandma adds some water to the flour/salt mixture and Nathan helps...

Nathan trys a bite of the mixture and shrivels up his face. Yuck! It sure is salty!!

We used a tin can to cut the dough into a circle. We used a larger one for Nathan's handprint and a smaller one for Autumn's handprint.

Grandma helping Nathan make a handprint. We made two that we kept after several attempts.

Autumn's turn!! She was easy since she was asleep.

Pattycakes after being baked at 300 for 30 minutes. We will continue to let them dry and then paint them. More pictures to come next week.

And, one picture of the two together with their shirts on.
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