Curly Crafty Mom: March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BBC Easter Exchange

I haven't done a gift exchange in quite some time, so I signed up for the Babycenter Bargain Hunters Easter gift exchange. Its a bit of a challenge because you spend $10 and that is IT! I got a mom with THREE kids! Yikes! So that is $3.33 per child!! Luckily, we get a list of things that the children are into so that helps when it is time to shop.

I wanted to share with everyone what I bought for them... and, when I get Nathan and Autumn's gifts in the mail, I'll take pictures and post them.

Karina's Gift (7 years old):
Karina likes Hannah Montana, High School Musical & Tinkerbell (favorite treats are mint flavored gum & chocolate & peeps) She also likes makeup and jewelry (her ears aren't pierced though)

I got Karina a metal Hannah Montana pail, Hannah Montana reflective button, Hannah Montana ink pen, lip gloss and peeps.

Crystal's Gift (4.5 years old)
Crystal likes Camp Rock, High School Musical & Ariel (favorite treats are mint flavored gum, Little Debbie Nutty Bars & Peeps) She also likes makeup and jewelry. (her ears aren't pierced though).

Crystal is getting a Disney princess makeup and jewelry kit and peeps.

Cayden's Gift (20 months old)
Cayden likes Thomas the train & Cars - He also like balls and bubbles. (His favorite treats are dum dum suckers, tootsie rolls & fruit roll ups.)

Cayden is getting a bubble kit, large blow pop, Cars stickers and Cars notebook.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Carnival Cruise House Party

We had a small Carnival Cruise House Party with my family today. We are getting work done on our house and are without water so it threw things off a bit. Here are some pictures...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Married for 6 years today

Today is my 6 year anniversary... Jeremi surprised me with 2 dozen roses and a gift box of Milk body products. I bought some of their products in Chicago when we went there for our 1 year anniversary (there is an actual H2O+ store there!). I guess Jeremi remembered and that is why he decided to get me the gift box from there. I love their products! No babysitter but we had Outback to go with the kids... Not one of the most romantic anniversaries but oh well...

I am doing the Carnival Cruise house party one day late, it'll be tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nathan's Easter craft

I am starting to plan Nathan's 3 year birthday party and ordered some things from Oriental Trading. I had a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase so I had to spend $5 extra after the total for the favors. I decided to get Nathan and Autumn their own crafts. They have some really original ones for really cheap! I got Nathan an Easter egg race track with cars craft.

Autumn was napping but decided to wake up right when we started which made it more of a challenge. Nathan loved the race cars.

I got Autumn a bunny marshmallow ornament craft kit and I will make it for her on a different day.

All the pieces. The egg race track is made out of foam.

Nathan popping all of the wheels out...

Then I put all this sticks/axis on the cars

The wheels aren't even on yet and Nathan is driving the pink car on Autumn's bumbo


Putting the numbers on the cars

Lots of numbers

We had a glue stick but I need to find my tacky glue from downstairs as its not keeping the character pieces on the cars well.. this is the bunny car

Chick car

Friday, March 27, 2009

Clothes galore!!! Thanks, Janna!!!!!

I met Janna on BBC after she received Nathan's name TWO years in a row for a Christmas exchange. She got me into the Mature Mama's thread and we've kept in touch ever since. She might even make a trip to St. Louis with her May 06 girl Sam and her brother this summer. She's actually from St. Louis (Clayton) but lives in Colorado now.

Janna is one of the most giving people I know... and, she's a shopaholic like me! Ever since I've been pregnant and since I've had Autumn, she has been mailing me boxes and boxes of baby girl clothes. I think she has sent 5 boxes in all? She is a nanny and gets a lot of these clothes from her boss and previous bosses daughters. I have been paying her shipping and formula checks in return for the clothes! lol!

I wanted to share with you the latest JANNA BOX which was awesome! We are talking almost 90% Gymboree stuff and even a lot of Gap clothing. THANKS, JANNA!!!!!!!!

Here is the MOUND of clothes she mailed this time... plus she sent a pair of Children's Place sandals that is not shown.

Some of my favorites from the bunch...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lactation Room at work

I am really lucky as my work provides a lactation room. I decided to take some pictures of it today so you can all see where I speend 30 minutes 3 times a day pumping!! The bathroom is quite old and really needs a remodel, but, hey... I just go in there to pump so who cares? I am just glad to have a private place at work to pump.

This is the sign they have on the door. This bathroom used to be public when I used it to pump with Nathan. Now its a private lactation room which is sooo much better.

I have to go to the guard's desk to get the key for the bathroom since we leave it locked since we keep our milk and pumps in there.

Here is my pump set up on the small table that they have in the room for me to use. We also have a small fridge to store our milk in-- this is also new since when I used to pump with Nathan.

This always cracks me up... a tampon/pad dispenser in a lactation room! I def. won't be using that! My period didn't even come back till Nathan was 10 months last time.

Sink for cleaning all my pump parts after pumping

Oh and why not? Here is a picture of the john.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Play groups and neighbors

When Nathan was a few months old, my neighbor from across the street and I started getting together every month for an hour to get our boys together for a play group. Her boy is one month older then my boy... later on we found another mom with a son born the same month as my neighbor's boy through the Moms Club in our school district, and we rotated houses and met the 2nd Saturday every month at 9am for a play date.

We met for a good year every month, and some months one of us would cancel due to something coming up or an illness, etc. Well, I got pregnant last February and I made it to almost all of the playdates and I'd say 85% of the time they asked for me to have them at my house (which was fine). In May we met at a pumpkin patch that had a freebie for kids to pot a plant for their Moms. After that, I became very busy with clearing out our spare office so we could move my son into a 'new' room so we could make his old nursery into the baby's room. We painted his room, got new bedding, painted Autumn's room, I had to refinish her furniture (we used my old childhood furniture), etc., etc. On top of this I get my hair done on Saturday mornings every other month, we have a Parents as Teachers lady come out every other month as well AND my mother in law comes in town every 1-2 months and stays with us. Oh, and then I had doctor appointments and also just a huge to-do list every weekend and I wanted to get a lot of things done before I got too HUGE!

Well... what happened was I missed three months of playdates. I still saw the one neighbor outside or at other Moms Club events but the other Mom I haven't seen in probably a year! Well, I missed these three months of playdates because I had other things that came up that I could not cancel. I went to a Halloween party that the Moms Club had and the one mom was acting distant from me, even asked the other mom if she could take pics of their kids together but did not invite me or even look at me to ask if I wanted my son in the picture. I was a few weeks away from having Autumn and she did not ask me how I was doing or anything. Basically I said Hi to her and she just ignored me. I brushed this off but emailed her a couple of times after that and never heard back. The other mom lives across the street from me and was still friendly towards me.

FLASHBACK to 4 months after Autumn is born...Present..Now.. These two moms are hosting the Spring party for this Moms Club. I email the mom that I haven't talked to in over a year to ask her to sign my kids up and I also asked her how she was doing. NO RESPONSE for a week. I try to email her on her work email, and when we were friends she'd always write back right away. Well, NO RESPONSE for two days! I start to wonder if I should call her but now I'm nervous about calling her because I am pretty sure she is mad at me but I think why would she be mad over playdates? I mean everyone gets busy, right?

So, today she finally wrote me..and as much as I hate to copy/paste emails, this is what she wrote me:


I did get your email the other day, however if it doesn’t come to my work address I usually am bad at responding. I am on the computer very little at home, Sorry. I will put your son & daughter on the list for attending the Spring Party. Please send me a check for $6.00 as soon as possible or you can give me a check at the April meeting.

I am not mad at you and I am sorry that you thought that. However I was disappointed/frustrated last Spring/Summer when almost every time we had a scheduled a playgroup you had already planned something. Since you were the one who wanted to start the playgroup in the first place I just thought you might have made it more of a priority. Anyway, I know when you work full time the weekends get very busy.

CC (CJ is Jami’s son) and K are doing very well. We have decided to send K to SS for Kindergarten in the Fall and were starting to plan for CC’s 3rd Birthday Party.

Hope Nathan and Autumn are doing well and that you are enjoying being a Mother of 2!!! Take care.

So, I am not sure how to write back or how to regard this email. This is why I hate emails.. I think she is hurt and I understand that but what bothers me I guess is that she doesn't want to be 'friends' because I was too busy to meet up for a few months. I still wanted to be in the play group but I also needed time out of it for a few months. I don't know how to write her back, I feel like I should apologize but then why should I apologize for being busy? It wasn't like I planned these things on purpose to avoid her, it was things I had to get done. Plus, I really don't think anything I say now will change her opinion, whatever we had as friends is gone, wouldn't you agree? This whole thing is sort of stressing me out though and now I am nervous about seeing her at the Spring party. I would never get mad at someone for not being able to make a play date, heck even if they couldn't do the play dates anymore I would understand. Life is busy- especially with kids. Why does she have to be so hard on me? Ahwell... maybe I am reading into it too much.

What do you all think? How should I respond to her email? Help! I am not good at this... I will see her every so often so I want to be friendly but I also feel she is being a bit hard on me. Sigh.

Sorry just had to vent.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hands On Learning

Please visit Hands On Learning, its a wonderful NEW blog with all kinds of educational activities you can do with your child and free giveaway contests every week!


Yay! I got my FREE Carnival House Party package in the mail today!

If you've been following my blog, you know that I was selected by Carnival Cruises to have a House Party this Sunday! They mailed me a huge box packed full of goodies for my party. I took pictures so you can see what they all sent me for FREE!!! Also, I have 1 chance in 500 to win a free cruise for two!

They sent me this really cute hand bag.

This is a picture of everything that I got:
- Welcome letter and Cruise booklet
- Cloth bag with handles
- T-shirt with button for host to wear
- Karokee cd
- Spin wheel game
- 3 medals as prizes
- Plastic cups
- Silly straws that clip onto the cups
- Napkins
- Streamer
- Red, blue and white baloons with table stands
- Favor Bags

Favors for each guest:
Rubberband Bracelet, Beach ball tattoo, Magnet, 2 Recipe Cards, luggage tag

Closeup of the medals, napkins and steamer

Closeup of cups and straws

Favor bags and favors

Another close up shot... favors

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nathan LIVES on this firetruck

I bought this metal firetruck from (btw, they just went out of business) 2 Christmases ago and Nathan ignored it until just recently.. now, he lives on it! He would eat dinner on his firetruck if he could. Anyway, he stood still long enough for me to take a picture of him on it. Am I crazy for letting him have riding toys in the house?!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Easter dress trial

While Jeremi and Nathan ran out to get icecream, I decided to put Autumn in her Easter dress to see how it fit her and how it looked with the shoes/bow that I bought her. Nathan is going to wear the same Gymboree outfit that I got him for Easter last year because it still fits AND I never got professional pictures of him in it. I got Autumn the matching Gymboree dress off of EBay, brand new with tags for $13 with free shipping! It was $42 regular price. Score! Their professional pictures are next Sunday and I hope all goes well... you never know with two!

Autumn in her Easter dress. I took her Prissy Miss big girl bow off of the headband and clipped it in her hair. I think it looks better that way with the dress. It really frames her face. However, it doesn't lay well (the bow) if she lays down with it clipped in her hair-- so if they lay her down for any pics I'll either take it off or put it on the headband. She kept sliding down off the chair so I took pictures of her in the bumbo chair. So cute!

Autumn loves to put anything she sees into her mouth, including her dress!

Close up

Here she is lying down with the bow/headband combo. Not bad but I still like the bow by itself on her when she's sitting up. Isn't she looonnng?

Here is Nathan in his Gymboree Easter outfit last year. Its 18-24 mo. which he can wear but he mostly wears 2T now. I think him and Autumn will look adorable side by side! Plus I am saving so much money not having to buy Nathan a new Easter outfit (he has worn that outfit maybe once since last Easter) and Autumn's dress was $13 and its a nice dress!
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