Curly Crafty Mom: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Nathan has been pee'ing on the potty for over a week now with no accidents. However, today was the first time he EVER and I mean has EVER pooped on the potty. Yay! We told him he could have a Lightning McQueen alarm clock from Kohl's as soon as he pooped on the potty, so Jeremi went and got him his alarm clock tonight. I am so proud of my boy and I am really hoping he continues to poop on the potty!!

We went to the Mills Outlet Mall today which is a little bit of a drive from our house. The kids fell asleep on the way there (too bad they didn't sleep while we shopped- ya-right!) so we stopped at Steak N Shake to try their new mini burgers.

Then, at The Mills... I went in Children's Place outlet and got Autumn about 5 things ranging from $.99 to $1.99 ea.!! Then, I went into Old Navy and they had sent me a coupon that I could get a free flag tee if I bought something else in the store. So, I bought Autumn a pair of coral colored socks and I got myself a flag tank top! Yeah!!! Then, I went in The Gap Outlet and got myself 4 shirts for work and 1 pair of crop pants for $53-- not bad for The Gap!!!!

Jeremi went in Cabera's and left with a 5' shark for Nathan. Ugh, more STUFF in the house. The thing was as long as the double stroller and Nathan carried it the entire shopping trip. I wish I would have had my camera- so cute!

The Shark

Here is one other picture from today. My topsy turvy hanger has a loop on the other side for something so I had Nathan hang his bird feeder that he made at a Spring party awhile back. I have NO idea if birds will eat stale Fruit
Loops, but I guess we will find out. I need to find my hummingbird feeder that I stored away to hang in its place.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Autumn's New Prissy Miss Boutique Bows

I made an order for some bows for Autumn from Kaycee at Prissy Miss Boutique. I was SO excited to get these bows and headbands in the mail today because Autumn needs bows SO bad! Kaycee was SO quick at getting my order out, and everything is beautiful! Here is what I ordered. First off, I won on Kaycee's BLOG contest and got a free hair bow hanger and bow. Yay! Then, I got several big girl bows which I will clip onto the headbands that I got. I purchased a pink crochet headband and two plain headbands in pink and white. Then, my FAVORITE purchase is the itty bitty bows. Kaycee was SO right, however I must admit I was hesitant to believe her... but, they DO stay in the finest of hair! YAY! Little Bits got to try on all her bows today! Ignore the Thanksgiving bib... lol. Here is one of the itty bitty bows on her. See how well it stays in her hair. So precious! I am in LOVE with the Prissy Miss big girl bow/headband look! Here is Autumn sporting a light pink headband with a big girl bow in brown. Autumn loves her bows... and her mesh eater. I bought these when Nathan was starting to eat. She loves it and its great, she will nibble on it while I clean! heheh! I put banana in it and later put crushed ice cubes in it. Side view... so pretty! And I can change the color of bow I want to clip on the headbands. Autumn with the pink crochet headband/daisy combo. I can take the daisy off and put a big girl bow on it if I want. Kaycee also sells huge gerbera daisies you can clip onto the crochet headbands. Ok, so I felt I needed to take some pictures of her after she finished chewing on her mesh thingy (sorry, I have no idea what the name of that thing is) to show off the cute bows. Isn't the simple white itty bitty bow just so perfect on her? Autumn is REALLY getting into toys now. Here she is playing with her teapot that she got last February for Valentine's Day. Side view of the bow. SOOO cute. I really need to 'bow' her up more often! Its so fun to have a girl! Back to BOY world. Sigh. Is there anything that he DOESN'T get into that is Autumn's? heehee!

Oh, and here is a video of my two munchkins from today. Ugh, it is kind of dark! Sorry. And, I have no idea how to flip it clockwise. Hmm.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nathan's Blog Prize Arrived in the Mail Today!!

Nicolle at Raising 3 Little Men is giving away 1 unused item in her house (mostly baby/kid stuff) each week. Nicolle even ships it to you for free. Well, I WON an unopened Thomas the Train Take Along set on Nathan's birthday! What a coincidence because Nathan loves Thomas the Train and he won on his birthday. I was so excited! And, even more excited when it came in the mail today! THANKS, NICOLLE!!!!

Nathan opening the box

Nathan had a difficult time getting it out of the box, so I had to help him.

This is the Take Along Thomas set that we won. Nathan LOVED it. He called it the 'train night-night' station and put his trains (and the free train that came with it) inside the train station doors so they could sleep. So cute!

It is so neat as it really is 'take along' as in you can put the track pieces inside it under the roof.

And, you can hold it by the handle and take it whereever you want to play!

Nathan with his new train set. He just loved it and I even had to set it up in his room next to his bed before he went to sleep tonight.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nathan's First Dentist Appointment

Well, we FINALLY got Nathan to his first dentist appointment at Sunset Hills Pediatric Dentistry. Since I have taken a half day already this month for Jeremi's surgery AND I took a week off last week, I did not go along for his first appointment today. Boo! Jeremi took him and he said the place was wonderful! We were so nervous because at this place they have the child go back without the parent. Nathan went back there and they said he did so good! Jeremi said he got a tour of the place and the part where the dentist works on you is all open so the kids see each other. The place has an aquarium theme and Jeremi said there were real fishes, murals, etc.

Before Nathan's visit they mailed us this book and it tells Nathan what to expect at his first dentist appointment. The book is neat because it has Nathan's name and his Doctor's name in it.

Here is an inside page of the book and you can see Nathan's name in it. There is also a ladybug hidden on each page.

Then, they told us to dress Nathan in something nice because there is room on the last page for the picture they took of him at the dentist. I love it!

Nathan got to take home a bag of goodies such as kiddie toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, stickers and a bouncy ball. He was so proud of it all when I picked him up after work and told me what each thing was in the bag.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sinupret for Kids

I am a member of SheSpeaks and they sent me a full size trial of Sinupret for Kids. I had never heard of Sinupret prior to receiving it in the mail, but researched it before trying it. It supports the upper respiratory system, promotes healthy nasal passages and strengthens the immune system. It is for children ages 2 and up and is a natural and safe remedy from Germany that has NEVER had a serious side effects recorded. I decided to call my pediatrician before giving this product to Nathan when he had a cold last month. Our pediatrician had heard of it and told us that it was safer then some of the other over the counter cold medicines on the shelves. I decided to give Nathan a dose and it really did help clear his nasal passages! I was so happy and so was he! He did not complain at all when I gave him the dosage and it was not hard to figure out what to give him by the directions. I recommend this to anyone that is looking for a product that works!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Autumn in Mom's homecoming hospital outfit

I kept forgetting to put Autumn in my homecoming outfit that I wore home from the hospital when I was born. Well, it still fits little Miss String Bean... heheh... My aunt (mom's sister) bought this outfit for me to wear home when I was born. So cute!

And, here was Nathan in his Daddy's homecoming outfit- he was 1 month old in these pictures:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 10 of Vacation: Memorial Day Pictures and Homemade Pink Lemonade

Well, today is my last day off of work and it just does not feel like I will be returning to work tomorrow. Boo! I am not looking forward to pumping again when I return to work tomorrow. Bleh.

I'd like to give thanks to those who have given their lives in the military, we would not have the freedom we have in this country if they had not given their lives. Thanks.

Memorial Day was Nathan's first holiday after he was born. Therefore, I take pictures of him every Memorial Day to see how he has changed. He has the same outfit on this year as he did last year... it is getting harder and harder to get him to stay still for a photo. And, you can tell I lost the blanket and dalmatian dog after the 2nd year. lol.





And, here is one of the two of them!

Autumn's Memorial Day picture. She loves Nathan's room.

Autumn took a nap so I decided to do another Highlight activity with Nathan. This time we made homemade pink lemonade and ohhh was it tasty. Here is the recipe.

The ingredients. So simple- water, sugar, 6 large lemons and Cranberry juice.

Nathan is wondering what this is all about...

First, I had Nathan dump the sugar into the water so we could make the 'sugary syrup'.

Nathan does a great job at stirring the water/sugar mixture. Then, I cooked it on the stove to dissolve the sugar into the water.

Meanwhile, we squeezed the juicy lemons.

Nathan wanted to get the seeds out of the lemon juice.

He was so excited when he found a seed. The small things in life can really make your day (especially when you are a 3 year old).

Ok, either we did not squeeze enough or lemons just don't have a lot of juice in them, but we had JUST enough lemon juice (needed 1 cup).

Pouring the cranberry juice into the pitcher.

So tasty! It was really sweet so I added double the cups of water (6 cups instead of 3 cups of water) and it was perfect! Plus, this way we had more lemonade! Yay!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 9 of Vacation: Grant's Farm

Before going to Grant's Farm we decided to stop at Sam's to get pizza and soda for ultra-cheap so we would not spend a fortune eating at Grant's Farm (yeah, right, we got hungry anyway and spent $20 on sodas, a hot dog for Nathan and cheese nachos). Oh well. I decided to take some silly pictures in the car while we ate our pizza.


Nate Dawg


Today we went to Grant's Farm which is owned by Anheuseur Busch and used to be the country home of the Busch family back in the early 1900's. We had so much fun! It was an overcast day and not too humid or hot- just perfect! When we first got there we saw a line out the wazoo and I had no idea why it was so long! The last time I had been to Grant's Farm was on my 18th birthday and I didn't remember much from Grant's Farm. Well, it turns out that you have to get on a tram to get into Grant's Farm! So, there was a line of people waiting to board the tram.

Here we are waiting to cross the street before boarding the tram. It reminded me of all of the lines you wait in at Six Flags to board a ride. lol.

Nathan was SO serious on the tram ride. This quickly faded once we got into Grant's Farm as he had a lot of fun! Plus, I think he had to go peepee as he will not go in his pull ups! So, I took him to the restroom after we got off the tram and he went for his first time ever in a public place! Way to go Nathan! Now, if we could just get him to poopoo on it! He has not poopoo'ed for TWO DAYS so I am freaking out!

This is the log cabin that resides on Grant's Farm. We learned on the tram ride that it used to reside on Art Hill in Forest Park and was on display for the 1904 World's Fair here. Busch bought it for $5,000 and moved it to Grant's Farm. I had no idea that it had evered moved, I just thought it was always off of Gravois Rd. He said Grant's Farm used to be the 'country' and that the Busch's would go there to escape the city (St. Louis). It has been open to the public for 55 years. They said that Gravois Road that goes past it used to be just a dirt rural road. Unbelievable! Of course, we all know InBev bought out Anheuseur Busch so I am sure it's just a matter of time until they sell Grant's Farm. I hope not, but you never know...

The first thing we did after getting off the tram (and going potty) was visiting the milk house to get milk for the goats! But, Nathan got to feed the goats milk with a baby bottle. He loved this!

Autumn was asleep so she missed out. Its a good thing because Autumn gets crabby if she sees a bah-bah (bottle) and can't have it!

Nathan feeding a goat milk. These goats must be the most well fed bunch in the world as a lot of them didn't even want milk and were laying down sleeping their little lives away with full bellies.

Goat looking at me

Of course, I did not want to miss out on all of the fun. So, I went out there with Nathan and let Jeremi stay back with Autumn to take pictures. Those goats would attack you when you'd first enter! One was nibbling on Nathan's shirt and I said, "No goat! Do you realize that is a Gymboree shirt, Mr. Goat? Shew!!" heheheh

We decided to take a break and we enjoyed a funnel cake. Nathan is eating a piece here.

Auttie woke up and decided she wanted to eat the map (oops, I mean chew on it)

Then we saw an elephant show. And... of course, the elephant pee'ed. I mean, it pee'ed like a river out of it. Oh my goodness... The poor lady doing the show had to mop it up before she could continue on. Of course, Nathan, just learning about the potty and all this week had a field day over the elephant pee'ing. I think his eyes almost bugged out of his head. Sigh. We will be hearing him talk about the elephant 'having an accident' and that 'it's ok to have accidents' for days. Lucky me.

Yeah, and just as the elephant finished pee'ing... a pretty pee (haha), ok PEAcock happened to walk by.


On our way out we had to wait in line to get on the tram again. Sigh. Plus, a thunderstorm was rolling in. Well, we got on and off the tram and decided to look in the gift shop. I also made Nathan a penny where it says Grant's Farm on it and he loved it. Well, of course, the storm hit as we exited the store. Oops. Yep, here I flat ironed my hair for nuttin'! I looked like a drowned rat after that! No pictures of that, sorry! ;o)-
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